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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


(delenafanatic @ DeviantArt)

I'm TEAM DELENA! All the way… like ESFE (Ever Since the First Episode).

And you have to admit, the build-up was pretty epic! Delena’s dance, Delena’s first fake kiss, Delena’s first real kiss, Delena’s first make-out session, blood-sharing, Damon’s “I love you, so I can’t be selfish with you.” etc. All roads led to HOT SEX - eventually.

As for Stelena... Stefan’s boring. And he reminds me of Edward. Ugh.

Okay, maybe I haven’t read the books. And maybe I just don’t like a main character who’s facially challenged. (Or is it because I like a bad boy better than a good one?) Whatever the reason, I just don’t buy the whole Stelena thing. I’ll understand if you suddenly want to pick up a glove and slap me in the face. No hard feelings.

I'm EXTATIC about Damon and Elena doing the nasty!

On the other hand, I am not so excited because my satisfaction at their hook-up was not complete. And you know why. Everyone’s been talking about it since the episode last Thursday. I don’t know why the writers felt the need to interject this divinely awesome moment by putting a *but* on it.

Delena's on, bitches! But… it’s only because Elena is sired to Damon.

Excuse my outburst but… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Seriously, was that necessary?! They couldn’t just let us enjoy the fleeting moment of Delena intimacy and complete surrender! They had to take this from us. We’ve waited so long and now that Damon got the girl, we know he’ll get his heart broken, again. Because he does have a heart. And it might be bigger than Stefan’s, even though Damon tries to hide it. And as fast as the plot progresses, that could happen very soon, this week even. *sigh* Should I even turn the TV on? I don't know.

Does anyone else feel cheated?

Stelena fans, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

On the other hand, I suspect why this happened. It makes me sad to see that TVD has adopted the same trend that’s been going around lately, both on the page and the screen. Have you noticed how the main female protagonist (what happened to the male ones?) always has the hots for two guys, but she always chooses the same one? Over and over, she goes for the one “she’s meant to be with”. Like Caroline says, “You and Elena, EPIC. Elena and Damon, UGH.” I love Caroline, but she's wrong.

Hey Caroline, “You and Taylor, UGH. You and Klaus, EPIC.”

So that’s society. It’s called ‘THE ONE' CONSPIRACY.

It’s tempting to think there’s just one person for everyone out there, one big love. Well, I don’t buy this either. So far I have loved two men, and I am sure I’ll love more. You’ll probably counter that with ‘You haven’t met The One yet!’ Nooooooooo. There is no such thing!!! Think about this: we all have a best friend. For some strange reason, everyone in the world NEEDS to compare friends, and put one on top of the friend cake. The other poor sods must learn to live with that. 

But I bet you have at least one other friend who comes awfully close. 

Yet, you still feel the need to pick ONE. And that’s what 'THE ONE' CONSPIRACY is about. Since society says, there is only One True Love out there for you, of course, art and the media must reflect that! Hopefully, this trend will pass soon, and books and TV Series will start to reflect… reality. Until then, we are left with One True Love on TVD (however boring and unsatisfying it may be) and a broken-hearted Damon. 

You know, the usual.

At least Ian bagged Nina from the get-go. They’re still together, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my rant, Delena fans. Stelena fans… don't hurt me!!!