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Monday, 3 December 2012


When I was little, I liked to make zines (though I didn’t know that word then) out of drawing paper and magazine cut-outs. I liked to think that one day people would start buying my magazine. I didn't want money though, just recognition, and awareness.

I’d be famous for my creation!

I also loved drawing my dreams for the future. I remember my biggest childhood dream being managing an Animal Shelter. Of course, I did not picture shoveling shit and putting my hands up animal asses when I was drawing it. 

All I saw was helping the world be kinder. 

You have to admit this is a pretty selfless and sweet dream for a kid to have.

Then, as I grew, I started writing a lot. I wrote letters to my favorite magazines, letters to friends in faraway places, and diary entries. But most of all, I enjoyed my amateur articles. Just as soon as I learned to type in high school, I knew I had so much to say to the world. Granted, the piece of paper would still be a safe haven, but from that day on, the computer became my biggest ally. (Finally, I could edit as if I never erred.)

I wrote improvised articles that addressed men, women, and children, but mostly - teens. They were on topics such as: life, relationships, personality, friends, movies, and everything else that concerns a teenager drama queen.

I had my own column and I was damn proud of it!

Too bad I lost most of the entries when the switch from disquettes to CDs and DVDs happened. My father just had to delete my old documents, which were saved on the ancient disquette device. I still think that was unnecessary.

If I dig deep enough, I am sure I’ll find more childhood dreams. Things I absolutely couldn’t live without, like crossword-building, horse-doodling, stray-saving, and manifesto-writing. I feel giddy when I remember the simple times when all of these hobbies were valid future plans. A part of me wishes that I had preserved my naivete. Another is just happy I’m not shoving my hand in anyone’s ass, thank you very much.

But seriously, think about what you loved as a child, it helps with perspective. Looking at these long-lost memories, I see patterns in my life. I see what I truly enjoyed doing once and what I could pick up at any given time if I wanted. And you know what? 

I do want to write my column again. 

Maybe I will. Maybe I am doing it right now, by doing another one of my favorite things to do: blogging. And you know what else? This time someone is reading this! My words don’t just get lost in the Documents folder, never to be seen. They are gobbled up by hungry –or glazed- eyes. My inner child screams with delight!

What is YOUR inner child saying?

What did YOU love growing up? Are you still doing it?

Could you see yourself picking it up again?

Finally, please note that the idea for this post came from reading the following blog: What Does YourChildhood Reveal About What You Should Be Doing Now. For someone like me, a girl with a dozen passions, Puttylike was a revelation. I discovered a whole new world with people like me: Multipotentialites. If you’ve many passions as well and you're looking for a way to mold them all together to be successful and happy, check out Emilie Wapnick’s brilliant creation. And follow her on twitter.

And do tell me what the exercise triggered for you. I AM ALL EYES!