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Thursday, 6 December 2012

An Exercise in Shutting Up the Inner Critic!

"Learn to... be what you are, 
and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not."
Henri Frederic Amiel

I have a fun little exercise for you today. It’s designed to do what the title says.

There is a shitty little monster growing inside your head. It’s called the INNER CRITIC. The more you listen to it, the more it grows. Just by listening and believing that what it says is true, you’re feeding the little (now humongous) sucker and giving it the power to play with you however it wants. Don’t you just wish it would freaking shut up already!

Okay, here’s what you can do. List all the criticisms it has for you. Small, big, medium, write them down. Then add a *but*. For example:

You can’t cook a shit.

But… I can make awesome pancakes and I can flip them like a ninja! Ha.

See? I feel better already. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of appreciation… for ourselves. Forget about getting it from others; it’s not worth a shit. The only thing you really crave deep inside, and you know it, is your own love, respect, and affection. You must care for you first!

So today, try to be kind to yourself for once, and gag the stupid critic. Just writing things down, or sounding them out, makes all the difference. Sometimes I would think positive thoughts and abuse mantras and affirmations, listen to feel-good songs, but it feels superficial. What I really need sometimes it to feel those thoughts, connect to those songs, and appreciate what I’ve been through, how far I’ve come along, and TRULY believe in the AWESOMENESS that is ME.

Pat yourself on the back, love yourself, and the rest will follow. :)

It helps if you can continue doing the exercise every time the critic rears its ugly head.

It looks like this, more or less. 

P.S. Just for kicks, I included my list below. Feel free to follow suit.

1.       You will never finish all of the projects you’ve started.
But… I will definitely finish the ones that I love! 

2.       You always go for guys with commitment issues.
But… I’m happy being single and I haven’t given up on love. (It’s a modern miracle!)
And… I am passionate about my life, and I have my dreams to work towards.

3.       You have a terrible memory. And you’re constantly distracted.
But… lots of people like me, so I can’t be that bad! Lol.

4.       You go from extreme to extreme, and you never get anywhere!
But… I am working on balancing my life. 
And... I’m doing a good job of it.

5.       You procrastinate way too much. When are you going to finish that book?!
But… I am gaining life experience, which will one day make the book better.
And… I am doing the best I can to prioritize my life and manage my time.

6.       You’re a mess. Everything you write and do is disorganized. Aaaagggghhh.
But… I am pretty good at brainstorming. I come up with some kick-ass ideas!
Besides… if there were no chaos, there wouldn’t be order.

7.       You are too silly. You can’t be serious for a minute. It’s ridiculous.
But… I have fun and make the people around me laugh. Laugher is health.
And… when I'm serious, it takes people off guard. It's hilarious.
And… I bring the humor to the page. I kick butt!

TAKE THAT, STUPID INNER MONSTER! You do not have control over me.

*sigh of relief* There, that shut it up.

What did yours say? How did you shut it up? Tell me!