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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wise Winamp Wednesday: Better than 8-Balling

Yes, this is the all-knowing. Housekeeping's a nightmare.

It’s that time of week again!

Here’s the deal: I ask my all-knowing friend some questions, he answers, and then I put him asleep until next week. Hey, if I let him stroll about with all the knowledge he has, he might get ideas like ruling the world or something in his head. And it’s a big head. You can shove a whole world in there. Just sayin’.

You know the drill, and if you don’t, read this first. ;)

My Questions This Week

Q: Can I expect good weather over the weekend? *crosses fingers*

A: My Chick Bad by Ludacris: Oh crap. My chicks won’t hatch on time!

Q: What the hell was wrong with Hitler?

A: Gimme the Light by Sean Paul: Ooooh, he didn’t go to the beach often enough! Right. I KNEW his parents must be at fault…

Q: What’s the answer to the ultimate question of life?

A: Memory by Sugarcult: What? But… what’s the question then?!

(no answer)

Q: Do I have to go healthy now? Can I wait a few more years?

A: Without You by Mariah Carey: Was that a threat?! O.O

Q: Why haven’t the dolphins taken over the world yet?

A: I Love Rock and Roll: So the smartest animal species likes rock, huh? I rest my case. (It’s only the best kind of music ever! Ha.)

Q: So what’s the next big social media thing gonna be?

A: Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem: Welcome to, where people come and bugs go. “Get your site bug-free at the price of one click!” (Ooo. Good idea!)

Get YOUR Answers Here!

Q: In the middle of the night, I was walking in the rain.' So the question is: Don't you think that was a stupid thing to do? :D (Jann England)

A: Candyman by Christina Aguilera: It would be FATAL for a man made of candy. You, however, can do it all you want.

Q: How do we save our planet? (Gabriel Barbaro)

A: Thing for You by Hinder: By making love and beer, not war. Especially beer. (Hey, all-knowing said!)

Q: How can we stop overpopulation? (G.B.)

A: Tattoo by Jordin Sparks: We divide and conquer. We brand the good breeds and banish the bad ones to other planets. Duh.

Q: Do I really need a propane torch in my toolbox? (Angela Wallace)

A: Final Countdown by DJ Frenzy (remix): If you want to cause the end of the world, yes. Just please warn me so I can tweet about it and blog my epitaph. Thanks.

Q: What should I name my first-born child? (A.W.)

A:  Jealous Guy by Gavin DeGraw: Call the child GRAW. (Add a P to it and you get a Harry Potter character too!) It’d be a darn good story to tell the children.

Q: Will I finish my re-write in time for the crit group? (Rebecca Enzor)

A: Perfect by Simple Plan: Nope. You’ll abandon the deadline to chase the perfect word. I’ll save you the headache and give you the perfect word right now: Boogedy.  

Q: What is my next blog post going to be about? (Jennie Bennett)

A: The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars: You’ll either have new information on one of those cold cases or you’ll finally profess your love to Jared Leto. I’m fine either way…

Q: How likely am I going to reach my ROW80 goals this week? (Ozlem Yikici)

A: Bonnie and Clyde: Nope, they’ll pull a disappearing act on you. You’ve been riding them too hard.

Q: Will you help me with fab ideas for my blog posts? (O.Y.)

A: All By Myself by Celine Dion: Great. Just what I need to read. A whiny post. 

Q: Winamp -does Violeta work you too hard? (O.Y.)

A: Helena by My Chemical Romance:

Me: Who the HELL is Helena?
Winamp: She’s… you know… another client.
Me: So… you’re cheating on me.
Winamp: NO! I’ve just expanded my clientele.
Me: That’s the DEFINITION of cheating!

Q: Why aren't butterflies called flutterbys? (Carissa Elg)

A: Wake Up by Three Days Grace: Because in the real world butters fly and bys don’t flutter. 

Q: What are tomorrow's lottery numbers? (Terrell Mims)

A: Dirty Picture by Taio Cruz: Doesn’t matter. You’ll probably get lucky tonight anyhow.

Q: Will I ever find the perfect pair of jeans? (Stacy Green)

A: Smell of Desire by Enigma: You know what they say… Just follow your nose.

Q: Where did my ass go and why did it fall off? Aren't those things supposed to be attached? (Chris Jensen)

A: Childhood of Mine (Bulgarian song): It went back in time to find its younger version and warn it about what you’re gonna do to it. (What? You can’t make this stuff up…)

Like this game? Feel free to leave your questions for next week!


Thanks: As always, big thanks to everyone who played today! Your questions make my weeks. And if you enjoyed playing/reading, feel free to spread the love by chasing the blue bird, booking my face, or rating my google, etc. 

Potterheads: Also, be sure to get in on the Harry Potter scavenger hunt this week for a chance to win GREAT PRIZES, and stop by #potterchat tonight to chat to Potterheads worldwide. Also, check out some cool Potterchat posts today by Alivia Anders and Kiki Hamilton

Writers: And finally, why not try Tracey Hansen's Hump Day Challenge? All you have to do is come up with 100 words, work your magic, and you get a chance to win a pretty badge for your site. And did I mention that Yours Truly is the judge? ^_^


Anonymous said...

Haha! I think your all-knowing friend is right on my question! ;)

Jen said...

I am actually the only person who knows what really happened to Jonbenet Ramsey. Maybe it is time to tell the world...

Jen said...

Oh, and I wrote a post using the Winamp answer, look for it on Friday :)

Lyn Midnight said...

@Becca Yeah, he's oddly right most of the time... :D

@Jen Okay great! But... will it be about what you alone know? I envy you.. I wish there was something I knew and nobody else didn't. Maybe if I spent more time offline..

Thanks, ladies. Winamp says thanks too. Though it awfully sounded like whatever. *sigh*

SP Sipal said...

Can you imagine naming a child Grawp? That one might be kind of hard to adjust to.

However, I love Winamp's answer for the next social media. I so need help cleaning up my closet.

And Lyn, did you see the Voldemort reborn baby? Can you imagine which kid you could give that to?

Lyn Midnight said...

Omg, Susan. You have traumatized me for life with this baby Voldemort doll. With the creepy eyes and everything.. Ick. Like I said, I've no idea why someone was looking for that on my blog. Hmm..

And yes, I think we all need some closet-cleaning. I wonder if I should invest my money into this, lol.

Gabriel Barbaro said...

Wow, this is power you have here Ms. Midnight! Thanks for including me. So in terms of overpopulation, it sounds like the answer from Winamp is to ship loads of people off-world?

Lyn Midnight said...

Yes of course! You're not thinking about killing them or throwing them in the Bermuda triangle, are you? :P

Anonymous said...

lol! Again WinAmp is spot on! I have many favourites this week but I'm loving the WinAmps cheat mission! :P -have you punsihed WinAmp this week because of that? *raises one eyebrow* tee hee hee

The closet idea is quite smart and marketable :)

Lyn Midnight said...

Yes, I grounded him. He was getting too smug so I put him back in his place. He's taking his revenge by playing every song I don't care for. Oh well, maybe I'll play JetAudio. Ha. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Evil comes to mind! lol!