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Friday, 21 December 2012

MIND OVER MATTER: Release the Kraken!!!

Remember when I said I survived 2012? Well, not quite.
I went to the doctor’s today, courtesy of my monster cough. Normally, I’d practice my mind-over-matter mojo and be all right in a couple of days. However, this year’s unexpected freezing temperatures in Rome, and now the snowy streets of my home town in Bulgaria, have rendered me quite sick.

I don’t really feel sick, which is great! But according to the doctor, I’ve a pretty “ugly cough” and “heavy breathing”. It *might be a virus*. If the antibiotics don’t help, I’ll have to be hospitalized… which I am NOT DOING, TYVM!!! Seriously, I vow to do everything in my power to get healthy STAT!
I’ll drink liquids, I’ll eat even if I don’t feel like it, and I’ll laugh. A lot. Am I forgetting anything?
Now, when life throws you lemons, they say, make lemonade. My version of lemonade is feel-good mantras, law-of-attraction affirmations, and even downright ridiculous phrases. For example, the latest gem in my arsenal of “snap out of it” phrases is... and don't laugh because I'm 100% serious. (Muah.)

No, I am not going to do a massive #2. The Kraken, to me, is this inner, no-bullshit strength that says:
“Enough is enough! I can beat this!”
Now picture this humongous sea creature exploding out of you, taking on everything and everyone in your way. How dare they stand between you and your vision for your life! Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, the Kraken will reply. Because the Kraken is not afraid of anything. Ha!

When I release it, I remind myself to be strong and stop whining. So what if I’m sick? So what if my year was the hardest of my life? So what if I can’t even do a proper holiday shopping? So what if the world is ending? No big deal. Life goes on… hopefully. Hey, NASA says. ;)
When I look at the recap for 2012, I laugh. If I survived all that, I can beat a stupid cough!
Now I’m going to be selfish for a minute and ask all you wonderful people to SEND ME POSITIVE ENERGY! I see myself perfectly healthy on New Year’s Eve. If you can picture that for me also, I’ll be most grateful. In return, I promise to send tons of positive energy your way. I know some people have been going through health problems, some others have suffered losses, and third are worried about their immediate family as I blog this. My prayers and best wishes are with you, always!
Finally, I'll leave you with an inspirational video and something I wrote yesterday...

I am not homeless.
My home is where I am. My home is Planet Earth.
I don’t need walls to confine my existence.
I don’t need to worry about rent, mortgage, or flooding.
I need only exist, joyfully, in the now.
I need only see the lessons and keep them in my heart.
I need only take steps towards something wanted,
not away from something unwanted.
I need only cry and laugh, at once.
This life, this existence, this shell of skin… is mine.
And I am blessed to breathe, to dance, to dream.
I am blessed to soak up the sun.
I am blessed.
I am.