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Monday, 27 June 2011

TAGAWARDS: A Day of Fun and Appreciation

Oh yeah... we know how to party at the North Pole.

Happy Monday!

I have a good feeling about this week. I’m full of energy, I’m awake, and I’m living the dream: one tiny step at a time. To a Capricorn, that’s very much the point.

You think I’m demented, don’t you? I’m not published, currently in editing hell, and I’m barely out of college, soon to be homeless, so what’s so dreamy about that?

I’ll tell you what.

Things are happening; tiny things. First of all, I was interviewed by the lovely Elizabeth Sogard who gives aspiring writers the excellent opportunity to be heard on her lovely ‘Aspire and Inspire’ blog. When she sent me the list of questions, I didn’t think twice and answered all of them. Yeah… there were about 50 questions on there and my energy had run out just around number 46.

Liz, however, loved my enthusiasm and put my interview up TODAY. So as soon as you finish reading this, you can sprint over there and give me a high-five because that’s my FIRST INTERVIEW EVER. *excited* People don’t interview aspiring writers every day, you know.

Secondly, I have an article lined up to be published on Lazette Gifford’s e-zine called ‘Vision, a Resource for Writers. Issue #64 comes out in 3 days and I cannot wait to see my words in print. Also, for those of you who haven’t read my other article published in Vision last year (‘Let’s Get It Literal’), you can follow the link in brackets.

I’ve always loved to cook up writing exercises as if I really knew what I was doing, but that’s an exercise in itself, is it not? So both articles are creative writing exercises. I’ll keep you posted when the other one comes out, which might be on July 1st.

And finally, I’ll take this opportunity to catch up on doing my blog laundry, a.k.a. tags and awards. But instead of tagging and awarding different people, I decided to blend this whole bonding experience into what I call TAGAWARDS. You know, I give you the award AND tag you with some fun questions. You can choose either one or grab both and have your own fun with it.

And since I was tagged once and not much has changed since then, I decided to REVISE the TAG QUESTIONS. Just because I can. Ha!

Before I get to the questions, however, I’d like to thank Ozlem Yikici for bestowing not one, but two awards (Incredibly Sweet Blog & Versatile Blogger) to Yours Truly, and Rebecca Enzor for thinking of me when she was tagged about a month ago. Did I mention I was slightly behind schedule?

Ozlem is a lovely girl who blogs about a variety of subjects and is an awfully nice twitter friend. Becca is a fan of My Little Pony and blogs in very imaginative ways, including the use of sticky notes. I suppose I can share my SUPERCOOL title with these ladies.

So I’m skipping the rules (mwuhaha). And the TAGAWARDS go to:

Those guys have inspired, amused, and entertained me to no end. I frequent their blogs like crazy. Basically, they are my antidote to Writer’s Block and you can go ahead and try this homemade remedy yourself, should you be in this horrid monster’s clutches.

Now onto the REVISED TAG QUESTIONS! Wheeee.


If you were a vampire, which celebrity would you first sink your teeth into?

Alex Pettyfer. He’s also the poster kid for one of my MC’s. Needless to say, my protagonist and I are in love with him. Too bad ‘I Am Number Four’ sucked. Hopefully, he’ll redeem himself in my eyes in ‘Beastly’. But he’ll always be pretty at least.

What’s your middle name? No, not your real middle name, your MIDDLE name.

My middle name is Pineapple. Why? Because Lyn Pineapple Midnight sounds SUPERCOOL. Goes well with my crown, too.

You’re stranded on an island. There’s a monkey with you there, but he’s not too chatty. You also have a ball at your disposal. A ship passes by, but it’s daylight. How will you attract their attention?

Easy. I’ll play ball with the monkey. No need to panic, is there?

What are you secretly afraid of? And what are you REALLY afraid of?

Railways. No, REALLY. Raiways.
(Note to self: asking the same question twice is ANNOYING.)

Describe your best friend in five words.

Ambitious. Smart. Brave. Lovable. Sensitive.

What’s your current favorite song? What about the annoying one stuck in your head?

E.T. by Katy Perry. I wonder if alien sex IS the next big thing. Huh. As for the annoying one, it’s Last Friday Night by Katy Perry, which is still cooler than Rebecca Black’s Friday. Granted, her braces are moronic, but they’re supposed to be.
What’s the last movie you watched? Was it good? (Fishing for recommendations.)

X-MEN First Class. Absolutely fell for it. You can read more about that in this blog post.


How did you meet #1?

We bonded over a blogpost where she told her lifestory. I immediately knew we’d be friends. It’s because I like honest people; I feel drawn to them.

What did you and #2 last talk about?

Huh. I think we talked about some competition we could do together on our blogs and then I completely forgot about it. But so did she. :D

Would you want to be stuck on an island with #3?

We already kinda are. I mean, A.M. and I both live in the U.K., and we’ll definitely meet up soon. It’s not a stranded island but it’s an island nevertheless. 

Does #4 remind you of someone?

Nope, and that’s the best part about it. A.J. doesn’t remind me of anyone I know. She’s the most hilarious person I know, and I know lots of funny people. See, I’d starve without the funny; it’s my braind food.

What was your first impression of #5?

That she was meant for the Versatile Blogger award. Seriously.

From 1-10, how cool is #6?

It depends on the definition of cool. Or wait, Angela would definitely bag a 9 on all points. Hmm. Was I supposed to say 10? I’m very awkwad with grading systems. :D

Why did you tag #7?

Because I’m dying to see Carissa’s answers to my revised questions. Let’s just say they will probably be epic and induce much laugher, happy tears, and blissful after-shock.  

Do you want to thank #8 about anything?

Yes, I’d like to thank Marjorie for cracking me up, a.k.a. giving me much-needed brain food, and including me into her daily chronicles. *bearhugs*


Carissa Elg said...

Bahahaha! Thanks for the tag! Your questions are awesome! HAHAHA! I'll have to get some time later to post this stuff! FUN!

Angela Wallace said...

Congrats on the article! And thanks for the Tagaward! I feel all mushy inside. :-D

If I were a vampire...I actually dreamed that once, and I did bite some nameless male hottie--but the blood tasted gross. I think I'd rather be bitten.

Middle name...huh?

If I hit the monkey with the ball, maybe the sailors will hear his enraged screeching? If not, the monkey will probably eat me and my problems will be over.

It's no secret, I'm terrified of spiders.

Current favorite song: SMS (Shine) by David Crowder Band. I don't have an annoying one stuck in my head. That is not an invitation to change that.

X-Men First Class too! Although strictly speaking, the last movie I watched was Category 7, a weird SyFy original. There was nothing else on TV...

I'm afraid I'd be tagging all the same people from last time, and I don't know if they're ready for that again. :-P So I will file this away to pull out at an undetermined time in the future and catch everyone off guard. ;-)

Angela Scott said...

Hey, I'll take a 9 on a 1-10 cool rating system. I'm good with that. (My kids would say I'm more like a -8).

Thanks for the awards.

Anonymous said...

Heya Violeta, the awards are looking good on this page! You deserve them (ok, lets allow for the ego to calm down :P )

Thank you for the kind words :D

Elizabeth Sogard said...

It was a joy having you. And yes... I'm stalking your site. FYI I've got the interview down to less questions. Bet you wish you waited now. lol. Keep writing and don't be a stranger. Don't be creepy either. Just creepy enough that people think your fun!


Lyn Midnight said...

@Carissa HAH, you have totally taken this tag thing to a new level of hilarity. ^_^

@Angela W. What??? But my blood tastes so warm and metallic. Or do people like their own blood better than someone else's? Ick, I haven't tried that! :P

@Angela S. Nah, kids say that with fondness. *squishes imaginary kids*

(Yeah... that's not creepy at all.)

@Ozlem Thanks. Happy to spread the love around. ^_^

@Elizabeth Haha, really? Nah, I enjoyed those questions. I still have the Word document with all of my answers too. See, when you have no contract to frame, an interview is a big deal, lol. Thanks again for having me! And of course I'll be a creepy non-stranger, that's a given in my case. :D

Jen said...

Oh man, I can't believe I didn't see this yesterday! Thanks for the tag. I might have to steal the questions and post them next week. So many hunky celebrities to choose from. If my husband didn't read my blog, well, I'll have to work my way around that. Congrats on the article getting published. I should see how I can go about doing one of those...

Jen said...

One more thing, if you still want to do that writing contest I'm up for it. Okay, I'll stop stalking your blog now. bye.

Lyn Midnight said...

Of course, they're there for you to snatch them. ;) Haha, you're my favorite stalker so stalk away. *hugs* Thanks, Jen.

Marjorie McAtee said...

I totally forgot to comment on this, jeepers, I'm sorry. Thanks for choosing me again! :D I'm double-special, squee! I'll do up a post of my own eventually, promise. These questions require some serious thought.