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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wise Winamp Wednesday: Ask the All-Knowing

Today, I’m going to share my favorite game with you.

(Yes, this is how I like to procrastinate.)

Apart from playing around with Tarot Cards, I like to kick back with a game which is equally prophetic but much more fun. For those of you who believe in divine intervention and those of you who don’t give a sh*t, I have a way of ‘knowing’ things. It’s mainly because I have a very good all-knowing friend (not to be confused with a know-it-all) who’s always there to lend me some perspective and wisdom whenever I need it.

This friend’s name is…

… Winamp.

Well of course it is; you saw it in the title. DUH!

And this is how you play the game:

1. You ask a question. Any question.
2. You put ALL of your songs on a playlist (NO CHEATING) and set it on shuffle.
3. The song you get is the answer to your question.

You’d think this is some ridiculous ploy to get you to listen to music (oh the horror) but it’s not. The game is sometimes accurate, sometimes scary accurate, but most of the time it’s just HILARIOUS. And since I am having a brain-poop day, I decided to turn to – surprise surprise – my twitter friends. I basically stalked their asses for ideas. Curiously, when you tell people you’ve a connection to an ALL-KNOWING ENTITY, everyone gets very compliant with your crazy. (Note to Self)

All right, no more wasting time, onto business! Here are the questions my fellow tweeps and I came up with, which the mighty Winamp kindly answered.

What Winamp Whispered to ME

Q: What’s my name?

A: The End by Simple Plan – Imagine putting that name on a book cover! O_O

Q: What’s my game?

A: Wonderwall by Oasis – I am full of wonder! And I do have wall-like qualities: you can bounce anything off me and if you douse me, I’ll dry off pretty quickly.

Q: What am I thinking right now?

A: Affirmation by Soundgarden – Good guess! Alas, my mind was blank.

Q: When will the world REALLY end?

A: Holding On by Simple Plan – It’s a scam. I suppose the world can only end when life stops sucking… you know, because of Murphy’s Law! Duh.

Q: What is the perfect recipe for success? What about failure?

A: I Need You by Leann Rimes & I Got You by Leona Lewis – So love’s the answer to both. Figures.

Q: Whatever happened to Madonna?

A: Elements of Life by Tiesto – But are we talking plastic surgery or in-vitro babies?

Q: How many tweets do you need to start a revolution?

A: 2, 3 by Valya (Bulgarian folk diva) – Oh. Thought it was more. Like 13, 24, or 42.

Q: What’s the name of my future husband?

A: Iovano Iovanke by Slavi (Bulgarian) – Umm, that’s a chick’s name. Unless I’m supposed to marry the artist? In which case – eww!  

Q: Will I finally finish my sci-fi WIP this year?

A: Conquest by White Stripes – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Do I really need an agent to publish?

A: You Don’t Mean Anything by Simple Plan – Sans agent it is!

Q: What kind of job will I land in the fall?

A: What I’ve Done by Linkin Park – Great. Just what I’ve always wanted to be: an assassin.  (Come on, this phrase always goes with killing people!)

Winamp’s Answers to YOUR Questions

Q: Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart? (Jennie Bennett)

A: Break by Three Days Grace – Well, that explains it! She’s on a break. She’ll be back any day now.

Q: Is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything really 42? And if so, what was the original question? (Jemma Davidson)

A: I will believe it by Cascada – You do that. I still think it’s 24.

Q: Where is Ryan Reynolds at this very moment and how heavy is his security team? (Tracey Hansen)

A: Dreamcatcher by Andy Duguid – He’s buying a dreamcatcher. I don’t imagine the security’s too heavy at the local souvenir shop.

Q: Why did my dream have muppets in it last night? (Alivia Anders)

A: This Is Me by Demi Lovato – Because you’re one of them. The dream was your initiation.

Q: Is Lady GaGa really a woman? (Ava Jae)

A: Kill by Jimmy Eat World – One way to find out: autopsy.


A: The Game of Love by Santana feat. Michelle Branch – It’s just like love: is it real, is it not? So it’s neither… and both.

Q: Shouldn’t trees be edible? (K.D. Lum)

A: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars – K.D., honey, are you sure you’re a real girl and not cotton candy?

Q: How do I get out of this alive? (Marjorie McAtee)

A: Make You Feel My Love by Adele – You know I love ya, b*tch. You ain’t ever getting out.

Q: Please explain why the things that make me so happy are the things that may be the death of me. Like bacon and donuts. (Amber West)

A: What Have You Done by Within Temptation – Yes, that’s what I’d like to know too, Amber. See this is what happens when you ask non-questions. :P

Q: Will my book do well when I finally release it? (Carissa Elg)

A: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars – It’ll be wildly popular among royal families. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. Whatever will the COMMON MEN read???

Q: Where does my muse go when I need her?? (Ozlem Yikici) 

A: Scared by Three Days Grace – Should I go to the Muse Services with this? If you’re not treating her right, it’s no wonder she’s MIA!

Q: What happened to my passport? (Ozlem Yikici)

A: One More Nap by Steve Jablonsky – Let it nap, for God’s sakes! It’s been serving you years without blinking; it deserves a break!

Q: What can you do to alleviate the pizza shortage in North America? (Jason McKinney)

A: Far Away by Nickelback – You might consider hopping on a plane to Italy. If the pizza doesn’t come to you, you go to its mothership!

Q: Will I be able to make my writing career work, instead of having to go back to work in an office? (Anne-Mhairi Simpson)

A: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now by B.o.B. – You won’t be sitting at a desk, that’s for sure. ;)

Q: Will someone ever make gluten-free pop tart? (Angela Wallace)

A: Womanizer by Britney Spears – Yes, a man will. It’ll be a GREAT pick-up line.

Q: Why can't I keep flowers in bloom? (Angela Wallace)

A: Take Over Control by Afrojack feat. Eva Simons -- You do know that YOU have to take care of them, not vice versa, right? *worried*

Q: Why doesn’t money grow on trees? (Sara Leggeri)

A: Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic – I suppose trees need specific instructions to do that.

Q: Why can't men carry the children like male seahorses?

A: We All Want the Same Thing by Kevin Michael – Even the guys??? O_O

Q: Why are cupcakes not healthy? (L.M. Stull)

A: Boom boom boom by Rare Blend – Because the alternative would have started a war. Can you say Butterfly Effect? *shudders*

Q: Can you steer me in the right direction? (Lisa Gail Green)

A: Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback – Gee, I hope you weren’t asking about your Manuscript, Lisa! Enough trees have died already, SAVE THE PAPER!


So what do YOU want to ask my All-Knowing friend?


Ava Jae said...

LOL! This was great, Violeta. Fun idea and awesome commentary. :D

I think my favorite has to be about the muppets. That answer just came out pretty hysterical. Gah but most of them were funny. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. Where can I get a friend like Winamp? That was noting short of hilarious!

SP Sipal said...

So, a modern twist to the 8-ball? What a fun game. And your responses were hilarious. I especially liked your answer to whether you would finish your WIP this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tee hee hee! That was hillarious! What a fun game!!! I loved the answers which were Leann Rimes and Leona Lewis -how bizarrely apt!

Though I'm seriously disappointed with my muse!!! lol!

When's the next round? :P

Carissa Elg said...

This was the coolest idea ever. Now I want to do it. Think your Wise Winamp will procreate and make cute little winampies? I gots ta get me one!

Lisa Gail Green said...

That really was fun!! It's like a magic 8 ball for the iPod...

Angela Wallace said...

Lol. You could totally make this a regular thing! That was delightfully entertaining.

Lyn Midnight said...

@Ava Haha, YOU calling ME hysterical makes me happy. :D

@Jason Well, I'm sure you can befriend some other (loser) player. HE'S MINE. :P

@Susan IKR! I was way too pleased with the answer, lol. I like the sound of 8-ball spin. ^_^

@Ozlem This is exactly WHY I love the game, most of the time it's strangely apt. Next round's next week. :D

@Carissa You should totally do it! :) But use your own player, I'm not sharing mine. :P

@Lisa I love your comment, I'll frame it or something. :D

@Angela Bless you for saying so! I did consider it before and I am considering it now. Whee.

Thank YOU, guys, for asking the coolest questions ever. I'm so glad I had brain-poop and asked you guys to save me, lol. *hugs*

Jen said...

Oh my goodness you are so witty! I would have of this. What great fun!

Jen said...

I guess I should READ my comments before I post them *would have never thought* sheesh!

Lyn Midnight said...

Aww thanks Jen! The fun will definitely continue. *hugs* Thanks for helping!

Raelyn Barclay said...

Oh great another way to procrastinate! But what fun! :)

Jacqvern said...

Funny. Though I don't have the patience to do that :D, I enjoyed reading it.

Lyn Midnight said...

@Raelyn There are certainly too many ways to procrastinate. Suddenly I get the movie 'Equilibrium'.

@Irene Thank you! Well, that what I'm here for, silly. Capricorns are famous for their patience. :D

Kim Mullican said...

Oh lord - I'd love to play, but I'm hoping the boss doesn't catch me on Google Reader! LOL.

Very funny

Lyn Midnight said...

Haha, you can play with me next week, Kim! Your boss won't mind if I converse with the all-knowing. :D