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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Thursday Tabs: Fun Updates and the Life List Club

Sadly, this post has nothing to do with frogs or madness. Rather, it’s one of those run-of-the-mill update posts. Feel free to go to your happy place for the next 350 words, but please come back for the last 250. I’ve added a cool announcement there.

Now, let’s get down to business.

*dozes off*

First of all, I now have a facebook fan page. Obviously, if you like it, you’re a fan of… me, even though I have yet to publish a book OR make a scientific discovery. Also, if you ever find yourself in need of an out-of-the-box writing exercise, you can try my Tarot Writing Exercise. You should know that I have a very skeptical housemate who told me horrid things about my article and said he’d eat his words if it ever got published.

Eat it, b*tch!!!

Moving on. If you look close enough, you’d see some changes around the blog. I try to be subtle about it but once inspiration strikes, there’s no stopping the crazy anal monster in my head. Mostly, I moved some things around and added a bunch of fun buttons to push.

Ooo, what does this button do!

Careful with that! Ahem. Moving on... If you look way down, you'll see the new Wibiya toolbar. I saw it on Carissa Elg’s blogwho’s a pretty funny and talented gal - and because it’s a time-saver for hardcore stalkers (yes, you) on all kinds of social media, I had to have it. And it’s also where I keep Henry, my zombie clown, who pops up every once in a while trying to scare you.

Please pretend to be scared for his sake!

In addition, I removed some pages and added new ones (look up). I decided I don’t need special pages for my favorite genres after all, but what I do need is a sort of blog schedule for me to follow (with fun themes!) and a very special new page called Life List Club.


It’s a club for writers and readers who make a list of their goals and update one another on their way to achieving them. There are also goodies and blog-hopping included. You can read all about it here and go to my page to check out my list of goals I am hoping to achieve in the next twelve months.

“If you can conceive, you can achieve.”

Also, the hashtag on twitter is #LifeListClub. So if you’d like to share your life list with us, we’d be happy to cheer you on! Saying hello is okay too. It’s how the greatest love stories and law suits in history have all started. *nervous snort*

And finally, addressing all of you crazy Harry Potter fans from the other day, I’m happy to tell you that a bunch of us writers are cooking up something fun for the week after the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 release and before Pottermore. I’m a big tease so I’ll say no more. Ha!



Post-script: I always appreciate your feedback! And if you liked this article, spread the love by booking my face, chasing the blue bird, or rating my google. TY!


Carissa Elg said...

HEY! Thanks for the mention! (Isn't the wibiya tooly thing awesome?)

But... I have a bone to pick. Why was I mentioned in the sleepytime part of your blog? LOL! Just kidding! I love you. Now, go see the blog I put up. Just for you. Stop complaining and poking me, alright? (At least, until next week.)

Ava Jae said...

Hmmm that Life List Club thing sounds intriguing...I may have to check that out.

Also, Henry popped up a few days ago when I was on your blog and I was very confused. I understand now though. Thank you for explaining. :D


Lyn Midnight said...

@Carissa It's a very awesome tool, I love it. Thank you! Oh and...

Wheeeee. I'll check it out right now.

@Ava Oops, yeah.. I do dorky things thinking people would understand the odd knots and twists in my brain. *sigh* And I can't wait either! ^_^

Thank you both lovely ladies. :)

Anonymous said...

Love all the great art and imagery you include in your posts! Oh and Henry the Zombie Clown, LOL! Awesome :)

Lyn Midnight said...

Haha thanks, Gene! Henry will be glad someone likes him. He's been sulking around lately because I don't pay attention to him, so I put him here, hoping people will take pity.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

Clowns are scary in their own right. And zombie clowns are worse. Hi, Henry! My #LifeListClub list is rather long. Still, I'm open to it. ;-)

Lyn Midnight said...

That's great, Jason. If you want you can put up a LifeList on a page on your blog or simply look out for updates. And you can always email me. ;)