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Thursday, 30 June 2011

If I Were Gay... Celeb Yum-Yum Chicks

If I were gay, I'd jump your bones in a heartbeat!

I probably should have stopped at yesterday’s male celebs, but that’s not how I roll. I may not be gay or bi-sexual but I usually like a certain type of girls more than others…. you know, visually. So if I were a guy, my Magic Woman List would look something like this:


1. Red hair: My muse has red hair. When I see a redhead, I always turn around to examine her color, and I’m not talking about the natural orange-ish type, but the rich-red fake one. To any woman I would say this: if red suits you, go for it!

2. Green eyes: They go rather well with on redheads. I’m envisioning a rather famous redheaded emeral-eyed witch in Harry Potter. Know who I mean? The combination, if done well, is striking. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to trade my bland brown eyes for a pair of brilliant green ones.

3. Cute smile: Same as with the guys. I’m a sucker for cute smiles. The cutest smile I’d ever seen EVER is Rachael McAdams’, who is listed below. Thank God she smiles a lot, I would hate it if this wonderfully cute smile had gone to waste.

4. Baby face: While I abhor baby-faced guys (Stefan Salvatore, Zach Efron, etc.), it’s a great look on girls. Think Rachel Hurd-Wood and Emily Browning.

5. Spunky: I like women who have spirit, who know what they want and go and get it, and who like to goof around a lot. Think Buffy and you’d be on the right track.

Top 5 Celeb Yum-Yum Chicks

5. Jennifer L. Hewitt: The Pouty Yum

Age: 32 (birth date: February 21, 1979) Sign: Pisces
Fun fact: Her mother’s Italian, her father’s German. She also wears a tiara when bathing. Sure… who doesn’t do that?

TV show: Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010).
Latest film: The Lost Valentine (2011).
Best film: Heartbreakers (2001); Worst film: If Only (2004)

Redhead: --
Green eyes: --
Cute smile: DOUBLE CHECK.
Babyface: Not exactly baby, but extremely girly.
Spunky: CHECK.

4. Sarah M. Gellar: Chatty Yum

Age: 34 (birth date: April 14, 1977) Sign: Aries
Fun fact: I know everything there is to know about the Buffy show. It was the first show that I fell for, ever. I used to translate subtitles just so I could watc it for free.

TV show: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1996-2003).
Latest film: The Wonderful Maladys (2010).
Best film: Cruel Intentions (1999). Also, Suburban Girl (2007) & The Air I Breathe (2007).

Redhead: --
Green eyes: CHECK
Cute smile: You know it.
Babyface: Again, girly.

3. Hilary Duff: The Baby Yum

Age: 23 (birth date: September 28, 1987 – She’s my age!) Sign: Libra
Fun fact: I have watched Lizzie McGuire more times than I would actually admit. She has a sister, Haylie, who looks very much like Hilary.

Latest film: Beauty and the Briefcase (2010).
Best film: Raise Your Voice (2004).

Redhead: --
Green eyes: --
Cute smile: CHECK.
Babyface: DOUBLE CHECK. Mostly around the time of filming Lizzie McGuire.
Spunky: CHECK.

2. Jesicca Alba: The Sexy Yum

Age: 30 (birth date: April 28, 1981) Sign: Taurus
Fun fact: Apparently, she likes to play golf and has two dogs named Sid and Nancy. Why not…

Latest film: Little Fockers (2010). Meh…
Best film: SIN CITY (2005), hands down. Honey (2003) & The Eye (2008) were nice too.  

Redhead: --
Green eyes: --
Cute smile: CHECK.
Babyface: She’s both cute and sexy. Dunno… what do you think?
Spunky: Hmm, she plays lots of depressing roles. Why did I list her? Because, like Ashton Kutcher in the previous post, she DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. Wait, have they found each other yet?

1. Rachel McAdams: The Ultimate Yum

Age: 32 (birth date: November 17, 1978) Sign: Scorpio
Fun fact: She likes to play around with hairstyles A LOT. Also, she plays the main character in the BEST romantic movie of all time: The Notebook (2004).

Latest film: Midnight in Paris (2011) & Morning Glory (2010), neither of which I’ve watched yet. OMG.
Best film: The Notebook (2004), The Time Traveller’s Wife (2009), Sherlock Holmes (2009).

Redhead: CHECK. (She’s tried every hair color there is.)
Green eyes: --
Cute smile: THE BEST.
Babyface: CHECK.
Spunky: CHECK.

So it’s decided. I’ll take her hand in marriage. BACK OFF, MEN! 

Look how happy we are!


And no, I do not like Megan Fox. I don’t care how much the guys dig her. If I were gay… I would not list Megan Fox in my list of CIWF. No way.

And finally, I want to leave you with a very lovely movie with Lena Headey and Piper Perabo, where they fall in love: Imagine Me and You (2005). And yes, of course you can watch this if you're straight. *rolls eyes*

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Lauren @ Pure Text said...

Rachel McAdams is incredibly gorgeous (one of my celebrity crushes for sure). I loved the Time Traveler's Wife. I'm currently reading the book!

Sophia the Writer said...

So many straight girls like redheads...interesting...

my favorite part of this is that most of the gals are 30+ yay for the thirties ladies!

Anonymous said...

Great list. They are all my yum yums also.

Marjorie McAtee said...

Redheads are hot. I've got a thing for tomboys, though.

Lyn Midnight said...

@Lauren I love that movie! I tried to read the book too, but it was so complicated because of the time issue. I hope you appreciate it better. ^_^

@Sophia Could it be because we all secretly wish to be redheads?

@Terrell Finally, a guy gracing the lovely ladies' presence. Seriously, what's with that? lol

@Marjorie Like... Kristen Stewart? I liked her before she became Bella. *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by, lovely peeps!

TL Jeffcoat said...

If I were a girl I would be a ultra lesbian. Jennifer Love Hewitt is on my list for hot actresses too. Megan Fox is absolutely not, so I'm with you on that one too. My #1 though is Salma Hayek. If you can't tell I'm lean towards brown hair and eyes. I've always been drawn to that, my wife is a latin hotty.

Meika said...

Haha how did I miss this post? Some great choices here. I've always had a thing for redheads, too. I love Isla Fisher. And Mandy Moore (not a redhead, but she's gorgeous). Also? My brother has been in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt for YEARS.