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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Let's Party with the Devil!

I’ll get to the party in a bit. Just bear with me.

My parents are strange people. My mother likes to party and my dad likes to play computer games. My mum likes to travel and meet new people, my dad likes to be alone in the comfort of his home. My dad is an introvert, my mum an extravert.

My theory is that they met during a cosmic fart that messed up the alignment of history a little bit. You know, like when Michael Jackson decided to change color and when Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden came out. About that time.

However, my parents DO have one thing in common. They both love to read books. So much so, they started their own collection, which adds up to hundreds of books on both sides of their bedroom. Romance novels on the left, thrillers and horror on the right. And when I was finally old enough to dip my nose in adult books, I had to make a choice.

Left or right?

I chose thrillers.

Sidney Sheldon, Dean Koontz, Michael Chrighton, James Patterson...

And James Rollins. You know, the friendly chap who hangs round #myWANA a lot. The best-selling author of the SIGMA force series. You know, JAMES FRIGGING ROLLINS. Oh sorry, did I scare ya? That was mostly aimed at two of my friends who asked me ‘Who the hell is James Rollins?’ yesterday. *rolls eyes*


I loved Sandstorm and The Doomsday Key. Well, there isn’t enough romance in his books in my humble opinion, but you can’t really call up a thriller author and say, ‘You mind throwing in a bit of the sexy stuff in the next one, James? Thanks.’ *facepalm*

So. I bet you’re wondering about the party, huh? I’ll come to that, hold your pants!

It all started yesterday when I read my dear friend, AM Simpson’s, post. She saw it from Kristen Lamb, who being Kristen Lamb, started the whole thing. Then I saw that my friend Terrell Mims also blogged about it, so me being a follower and all (na-ah!), and most of all a groupie, had to further spread the word.

Are you ready?

James Rollins’ new book The Devil Colony is coming out!


To celebrate, fans and friends are invited to pop in and out of #DevilColony on Tuesday, which is the official date of the Book Release Party! Thanks to Kristen Lamb, the party has gone bonkers all over the Internet, and now everybody can celebrate with the devil... uhh, I mean James Rollins. In addition, there will be a MYSTERY PRIZE for some lucky fellow who is not camera-shy and posts pictures of their DEVIL PARTY online. Oh I cannot wait to see what people come up with!

As for me, I think I’ll keep my devilish ways to myself, thank you very much. Remember: the Devil does not reveal their true identity, especially NOT at a devil launch party. Ahem.

But wait, don't go! Why not take a sneak peek in the meantime?

Deep in the Rocky Mountains, a gruesome discovery — hundreds of mummified bodies — stir international attention and fervent controversy. Despite doubts to the bodies’ origins, the local Native American Heritage Commission lays claim to the prehistoric remains, along with the strange artifacts found in the same cavern: gold plates inscribed with an unfathomable script.

During a riot at the dig site, an anthropologist dies horribly: burned to ash in a fiery explosion in plain view of television cameras. All evidence points to a radical group of Native Americans, including one agitator, a teenage firebrand who escapes with a vital clue to the murder and calls on the one person who might help: her uncle, Painter Crowe, director of Sigma Force.

To protect his niece and uncover the truth, Painter will ignite a war across the nation’s most powerful intelligence agencies. Yet, an even greater threat looms as events in the Rocky Mountains have set in motion a frightening chain reaction, a geological meltdown that threatens the entire western half of the U.S.

From the volcanic peaks of Iceland to the blistering deserts of the American Southwest, from the gold vaults of Fort Knox to the bubbling geysers of Yellowstone, Painter Crowe joins forces with Commander Gray Pierce to penetrate the shadowy heart of a dark cabal, one that has been manipulating American history since the founding of the thirteen colonies.

But can he discover the truth — one that could topple governments — before it destroys all he holds dear?


Excited yet? I am! 

AND there's a mixety-match bloggety-botch post on Gene Lempp's blog for those of you who want more more MORE on anything James Rollins. *gasp*

Now, save the date, buy your devil costume, cook those devilled eggs, and save a dance for the devil, because he’ll be dancing all over your bookshelves soon.


Sonia G Medeiros said...

That hamster kills me!!! LOL

Lyn Midnight said...

Lol. Yeap, when I look for funny pics online, the engine always comes up with ridiculously excited animals. :D