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Monday, 20 June 2011

The Best, Worst, & Dungy on Film

So... I decided to share something with you guys. No, not naked pictures, this is not that kind of blog. Are you ready?
On my computer, there’s a folder. I haven’t given it a proper name yet, let’s call her Zelda. Inside, there’s a wondrous world of... movies. See, I have a system. And if you’ve read about my OCD tendencies when I write, you know what’s coming.
At first the system was random (hey, even I am not perfect!), but later somehow I made order out of chaos. Basically, Zelda contains every movie I’ve EVER seen. Don’t ask me about the number though; I tried to count them once and gave up. The movies are separated by years. On the basis of the folders-within-folders concept, each year contains three folders called ‘excellent’, ‘good’, and ‘crap’ (because ‘bad’ is not bad enough). And... that’s it. *avoids eye contact*

Today I thought: why be selfish and keep this wealth of knowledge and cinematic expertise to myself (yeah right)? Why don’t I share my movie woes and woo-hoo’s with you guys! After all, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the excellent movies out there. Nor do I want you to step anywhere near the crappy ones.
But since the movies are too many and I wouldn’t want to drag this on forever (just a few months), 5 movies from each category in each year will suffice for now. I might as well just list the rest. And if you must know, I am a very picky viewer. If I say that a film is excellent, then it’s probably BOTH an Oscar winner and me-approved, or at least one of those. Excellent means excellent. Great character development, awesome concept, great overall cinematic experience, and hopefully, some deeper existential meaning. I have a life, people! No time for nonsense.
On the other hand ‘good’ means ‘good enough’ and ‘crappy’ means dragon dung.
In addition, I’ll be separating my guilty pleasures from the rest because I do realize that everyone has their taste and mine often gushes about silly rom-coms.

OMG, the kid is SO cute, OMG he switched the sperm, OMG they are SO in love, and OMG, finally they kiss! Ugh.
Now, if you have followed this blog for a while, you KNOW I’m dying to give this a name and assign it to a day of the week. And while I will give it a name, I will NOT tie myself into anymore schedule-knots, thank you very much!
Anyway, the name is...
I thought long and hard about the year I should begin my cinematic adventure from and decided to start with 2010 (hey, I don’t classify my chicken movies before the years over!) and counting back until I throw up... Uh, I mean until I run out of cinematic years.
How does that sound?

Uhh... OK. I’ll probably post something later today. Or not. You never know.
As usual thank you for canoeing on the Ramble River, you are way too kind. Also, I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite and least favorite movies from 2010. I am all years... I mean ears. *blush*

And finally, if you are film addict as well, you'll do good to check this site.

Coming up next:

And here's some Infographic and comic fun in the meantime:


Ava Jae said...

Ooooooo. I'm a movie addict too. Except I never thought of listing them like that. Huh.

OK you got me, I'm curious now. LET'S SEE THE SECRETS OF ZELDA!

Lyn Midnight said...

Hhahaha, hold your pantsies. :P

Emily Casey said...

Just looking back and being reminded of all those good movies... so exciting. :)

Lyn Midnight said...

Hi Emily. :) Mhm, though the ratio of the excellent:good:bad movies is... well, worrisome, I'll just say that. :P Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Would you believe I didn't see any movies in 2010? But I wanted to see the King's Speech and...Leap Year. :)

Lyn Midnight said...

@Jennifer Oh, the King's Speech was amazing. I'll include it in the top 5 for sure. ;) Leap Year was fun... nothing special though.

I think you should free up some time for ze movies. A girl's gotta rest!

Daniel Mihai Popescu said...

I forget sometimes the name of the films I'm loosing my time, with, :)
I'm an addict!
@Jennifer Shark: "The King Speech" is a MUST WATCH, in the future, whenever. The other one, "Leap Year", as Lyn agrees, is forgettable. Highly unrealistic though...
I'm game for movie posts!

Lyn Midnight said...

Yay! Now I like you even more! I've posted the ones for 2010 already and can't wait to go on a crazy movie countdown. Must pick a day though... prob. Monday.

Thanks for stopping by! :O)