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Monday, 30 May 2011

The American Idol Rant

What follows is my BIG FAT BULGARIAN RANT about American Idol, in parts. You’ll know when I’m all out of breath. A bit of an outsider’s perspective there in case you actually want it.

I followed the entire show and the Idols’ courageous steps on stage, hoping that I’d witness true talent and true greatness in the American Idol of 2011. Soon enough, I realized that wasn’t going to happen as every one of my favourites dropped away like flies on glass. So I decided that I’d rant about it seeing as writing is the only thing I can do, and my keyboard is my only weapon against this atrocity of a season.

Don’t get me wrong though, I loved (almost) all Idols and I have no personal vendetta against the judges or producers or anyone who’s associated with the show. However, I do have my issues with it and I’d like to voice them on my blog. What follows is a series of posts because how can I even begin to rant about American Idol in just one blog post?