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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday Themes: Brainstorming Gone Wild

Does your blog have themes? I bet it does; it seems trendy right now. But I’ll tell you what, it’s not only trendy, it’s also very useful.

This whole thing reminds me of the planners vs. pantsers debate. Pantsers are supposed to have all the fun while planners bang their heads against the walls when they hit an impasse in their outlines. But this is not really the case, is it?

Outlines give us both structure and freedom. One of my favorite authors – Holly Lisle – swears by outlines, and I know why she does that. Because pantsers can come up with an entire first draft riddled with plot holes while planners have something to lean onto when they hit a road bump. Of course, it’s all about individual style also, so don’t reach for the tars and feathers just yet.
My point is… having themes on one’s blog reminds me of an outline. It makes a very subtle difference. When you have all the freedom and flexibility in the world, what do you do? You get confused and/or lost. Some people can’t make a decision to save their lives (one of them is a dear friend of mine), so this complete freedom as to what blog topic goes up next can be both intimidating and blocking. Themes are like a safety blanket then. AND they create the illusion of consistency (at least in my case).

I read a very insightful and entertaining post on Kristen Lamb’s blog yesterday (surprise surprise) where she talks about blog themes. She says that themes give us structure AND flexibility unless we pigeon-hole ourselves into a narrow theme (so watch out for those, people!), which she suggests could be fixed by making a list of topics on the theme, so you can put them in a funny hat and play the pick-a-topic game.

My experience with themes so far is not so extensive but I have been thinking of adding more. My initial idea was to make a program for the entire week and leave out two lazy days where I can freely do my manicure without spoiling it on the second page of my blog post. This is still the plan mind you, but I’m giving myself breathing time to come up with themes that I will not come to detest later. So far I have: Sunday Somethings and Friday Features. I’ll need to find Zelda a home too and that may as well turn into Monday Movies where I’ll just run wild with movie reviews and lists, while you poor people wonder if I’ve completely lost my mind thinking that I’m a film critic now (I wish).

Anyway, you can check out Kristen’s post for some fun theme ideas, but not yet. Let’s brainstorm a little here too. I’ll tell you what I’ve cooked up so far for my blog and then brainstorm some more ideas and ask you to join the fun. Sound good?

‘kay here we go! So far I have… Saturday Snapshots where I show you guys the coolest pictures I’ve found on the web that week (you wouldn’t believe!) & Wednesday Wazz-up’s where I update you guys on my projects, writing, life, etc. Basically, an insight into the life of an aspiring writer who is also a graduate, a.k.a. temporarily homeless and broke. Gee, my life sounds fun, doesn’t it? (go away, sarcasti-monkey)

Obviously, alliteration MUST factor in (ha!). No, seriously, even though everybody’s doing it, I wouldn’t really have it any other way because it’s one of those things that people do for a reason. For example, if you haven’t read Harry Potter because you stubbornly insist that you don’t like commercial hits, that’s your BIG MISTAKE! Why? Because Harry Potter is not famous because many people like it, but because it truly is one of the greatest books ever written. Period.

I know you’ll argue about Twilight now and I’m not stopping you there.

Moving on. Let’s brainstorm some more funny and fun theme ideas, shall we? Oh, and I’ll try to get out of the box a little because there is such a thing as too obvious!

M’Dearest Monday
(is that like Dear Diary?)
Monday Monstrocity
(it’s alive!)
Monday Morale
(affirmations, prayers, and spirit to boot)
Monday ME-ME-ME’s
(see? obvious)

Tuesday Travel
(wheeeeeeeee, roadtrip!!!!!!!! – oops, the key slipped)
Tuesday TROLLS
(umm, oh-kay…)

You might as well rest on Tuesdays, not much happens then.

Wednesday Warning
(all things rated)
Wanton Wednesday
(all things wanton and sinful)
Writing Wednesday
Wednesday Weddings
(tam tam ta dam)
Wonderfully Wicked Wednesday
(too much)
Wise Wednesdays
(too vague)

Thursday Thoughts
Thoughtful Thurday
(now I’m REALLY peeved…)
Thursday Tastings
(if you like food, show it: go to restaurants and put reviews up)
Torpedo Thursdays
(you’d have to figure this out on your own)

Festering Fridays
(don’t ask me, the keyboard said…)
Friday FOLLY
(because sane is so last century)
Friday Flicks
(ooo, intrigue)
Friday Festivities
(been to any fairs or festivals lately?)
Friday Feet
(putting up pictures of gross feet) – eww

Saturday Science
(you a scientist? add some flava)
Saturday SCANDAL
(if you like watching the news…)
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Saturday
(omg, noooooooooooooooo)
Saturday Soccer
(I’d never visit your blog again)
Salacious Saturday
(because Wanton Wednesday is not enough)

Sunday Sombreros
(the sombreros of the world, ole!)
Solicitous Sunday
(lawyers, do your thing)
Soulful Sunday
(give me a break)
Sunday Shock
(everything that shocks you will probably shock us too)

Okay, I’m done. Phew. Now do your thing, minions! Oh and try to get out of the box like there’s no box in sight, okay? I like madness. Ha, there’s another theme in the making: Monday Madness. Whee, this is FUN! Now you try it. ^_^


Angela Wallace said...

Haha, I like "Festering Fridays" and "Friday Folly"--kind of how I feel right now trying to think up my own! :-P

Lyn Midnight said...

Lol, are you saying you feel crazy or festering? How does one feel festering? Lol. So many question! :D

Thanks, Angela. :O)

Jen said...

lol! I think I'd like to try Friday's feet just to get a feel for the general podiatry community. NOT! You are too crazy!

Lyn Midnight said...

LMAO. Well if I'm too crazy you're too funny. See, we're made for each other. :D Thanks for commenting, Jen. *hugs*

Angela Wallace said...

My brain is festering and my attempts are foolish. ;-) But I signed up for Kristen Lamb's workshop! Let's make some magic.

Tim Greaton said...

Lyn, I'm new to the blogging world by about 7 weeks and 13 blogs, but I quickly came to a twice-weekly format that includes a loose series of topics. I've tried to accomodate readers that want more of one thing or another. In short, I think I stumbled across a structure and believe you're exactly right about themes. I look forward to reading more :-)

Lyn Midnight said...

@Angela You did? Omg, I so envy you! You'll have lots of (useful) fun. ^_^

@Tim 7 weeks and 13 blogs? By God, you're insane! By the way, I'm only like 4 weeks into blogging myself. *squee* Why thank you, but I can't be credited for that, you should check out Kristen Lamb's blog for more useful info. I'll check out your blogs too. Thank you so much for following and commenting! :)