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Monday, 30 May 2011

Why American Idol Season 10 Sucked

All right. You might not agree with what I have to say. You might not like what you will read. But it has to be said. Plus you’ve probably heard it before, I’m sure.

American Idol Season 10 SUCKED!

Wait! Let me explain.

I take music at heart. I always have. Ever since I was a little girl who thought she could actually sing in tune with her favorite songs, music has been a sort of a life-partner, and a life-jacket, to me. It’s always there when I’m down and it never complains when I need it to pick me up again. It’s the one constant thing (other than writing) that I KNOW I will never lose, and that brings comfort.

I may not be able to sing to save my life, but I have cultivated a skill that not everyone has: the ability to recognize talent. Then of course I’d cling to it like a psycho stalker, but that’s another story.

You might think that it’s easy to recognize good singing. Well, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Yes, the kid has confidence. Yes, he can go so high up that birds crap on his vocal cords. Yes, she does look nice in her evening gown. And yes, they can all carry a tune to save THEIR lives.

But. Talent does not equal likability or decorum. Furthermore, it is not solely God-given curse, and by that I mean gift, but a complex combination of three things: gift, style, and craft.

Any artist who possesses these golden tickets can be called a true talent. One that is headed for stardom, and one who would not be setting all too quick.

Now, all of the Idols from season ten had the gift. More so, hundreds of other contestants had the gift before they had to go home with that gift and sulk. And that goes for both raw and developed talents.

Why? Because of Natural selection. You either survive or you don’t. Why else would the Idols have to work together for Hollywood rounds? It is a nice way to sift out the wrong kind of meat for the Idol barbeque we like to call SHOW.

While all of America saw the contestants’ gifts during the auditions, little was known about their style or craft, as these things generally come later, when the real fun begins. Not to mention that some of today’s celebrities have developed their personal styles in stride on the Idol stage, and that’s fine. It’s what American Idol is all about.

But. The issue I have with this particular season is that the few idols who did show professionalism and did everything right to go to the final were actually voted off by America while others were endlessly praised for their half-hearted attempts at stardom and theatrical performances. Not to mention the many pitchy songs of James Durbin and his heartfelt appeals to the American population. I have five words for you.

It. Was. All. Set. Up.

No? All right, you are entitled to your opinion, and this blog is mine so I can say whatever I wish. Let’s call it even. 


Thomas McAuley said...

Totally agree. Halfway through the season, I was convinced that Howard Stern was behind that no-talent ass-clown's passing from week to week. Turns out we Americans were just that 13-year-old-minded. I didn't watch more than bits here and there, when doing so was either momentarily interesting or unavoidable, so maybe I'm not the best judge. Bottom line is, who cares about that show. They've gotten it right once — I'm unconvinced Clarkson was "right," btw. Wait...why am I commenting. Now I'm going to have to cut myself.

Lyn Midnight said...

Haha, 'ass-clown's passing from week to week', wish I'd thought of that. :D

Yes, I agree about Kelly, she was the right choice back then, but the number of votes weren't quite as many, maybe there's a relation. ;)

Hah, please don't. I'd like to think that my blog posts do not cause self-punishment of any kind. :D