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Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Blog Themes: Calling for Submissions!

I have never been really good at sticking to a blog schedule. 

I mean, I love having blog themes and all, but when I “program” something, it turns into a chore for me. Ever happen to you? So I came up with a fascinating solution to my mundane problem. I’ll feature other people on theme days!

I’ve always loved being a host and I truly enjoy seeing other people’s words in my personal online space. I know what you’re thinking, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT GIRL?! I should be concerned with getting my own words out there, and taking care of my brand and whatnot, but what’s wrong with two or three feature blogs every week? This still leaves the majority of the week for me to do as I please!

And I really do get concerned about my blog sometimes. 

As much as I love it, I don’t always update, sometimes leaving it quiet for months! (OMG) Yeah, months. I don’t do it on purpose: the reality is that my life is known to take 180-degree turns, which is as exhilarating as it is distracting.

So far my life has managed to distract me from:

Grim5Next (I am working on it, believe me.)
Writing my novel. Editing my novel. Finishing my novel.
Writing anything creative. Period.
Networking (where I disappear from social media sites after I’ve been UBER-active)
Any kind of course I decide to take, online or otherwise.

But my life has also inspired most of my blogs, projects, books, and studies!

So leading a crazy life is a two-sided coin… like everything in life. I am truly blessed to be able to grow and evolve like I have done in the past action-packed twelve months (maybe I’ll tell you about it). So, whatever the cost, the pay-off is worth it.

I can always come back to networking and blogging. I can always ask my online friends for forgiveness and pick up any dormant projects of mine. I know a lot of people will understand where I'm coming from, and I am so grateful for that! 

Now, let’s get down to blog business!

I have been calling for feature submissions on twitter for a few days now, but have had no luck so far. Well, apart from my blog losing momentum recently, it is obvious that I’m not very specific about what I want featured on my blog. And by *not being very specific* I mean *vague as donkey’s tail*. What was I thinking?! Expecting people to just randomly write something and send it to me.

That’s dumb.

So today I've come up with a new, more specific, request.

I'm asking YOU to submit blog posts on specific themes.

My life has NEVER been about me alone. I have never actually had the desire to separate myself from the other people in my life. Basically, I am all about connecting. Collaborations, projects, groups… everything I’ve done, I’ve done with other people. People with similar passions, similar spirits, and overall similar attitudes.

Due to my extreme allergy to cynicism, negativism, and bluntness, I only ask you to refrain from sending me anything like that. That is all. Because…

My *business* is one of light, hope, joy, passion, and dreams. 

You’ll notice that the new blog features are revolving around inspiration and spirituality. Granted, I wanted more variety on my blog, but this is my focus right now, and I can always change the features as the blog grows and evolves, and as I do. That’s the beauty of having a blog, calling the shots!

Without further delay, I present, the NEW BLOG THEMES:

Theme 1:
Tuesday Travels

Tell us about a place you visited recently. Did something exciting happen?
I believe we learn a lot by travelling. What kind of lessons have you learned?

Theme 2:
Wise Words Wednesday

In which you take an inspirational quote and you tell us what it means to you.
Simple as that. You can be as creative and crazy as you want!

Theme 3:
True Story Thursday

If you think your story can inspire someone, I’d love to feature it! Period.

Theme 4:
Free Stuff Friday

The thing you are giving away for free should be of value, which means: useful, entertaining, and/or creative. All of the above? Perfect! Are you giving an ebook on how to bring back romance in your life? Is it a signed copy of your debut novel? Whatever it is, I’ll be happy to spread the word.

Just tell my readers what you’re giving, why you’re giving it, and where to get it.

Theme 5:
Spirit Saturday

Are you spiritual? Do you practice? Would you like to tell us about it?

This one is inspired by my eternal search for answers to existential questions. I have always looked for ways to improve my life and become active on more levels than one. So hearing about and sharing your beliefs with others might help me as well. I might even make you my personal guru! Ha.


Just be you.

Posts should be no longer than 700 words unless you’ve a good reason for it.

You can include images if you like. 

And don't forget to send me a short bio and profile pic!

Email me at: violeta.nedkova [at]

So what are you waiting for? 
Pitch me a cool idea! Or just send it!
My readers and I cannot wait to hear about it!

Finally, don’t think for a second you can’t email me and say, ‘Hey, I’ve a great idea for a blog post, but it doesn’t fit in any theme!’ I would feature just about anything written with passion! What kind of Polygamous Passionista would I be otherwise?!