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Monday, 23 May 2011

What I've Learned from TV Series, Pt. 2

Here we go with some more lessons!

Still Running:

·         Desperate Housewives: A neighbourhood is a big blob of people. Secrets don’t last long, and people do not stay young forever either.
·         Grey’s Anatomy: Whatever crap life brings you, you give it crap as well. Oh, and make the actors narrate wise gems for flavour.
·         One Tree Hill: When dialogues turn sappy, it’s time to end the show. Again, gems!
·         Smallville: Never. End. A. Show. Not until you’ve exhausted all possible plot twists and added all possible characters to the mix. Ugh.

Long Gone:

·         Ally McBeal: It’s okay if you don’t have boobs and talk to Unicorns as long as you had Bon Jovi for a boyfriend.
·         Charmed: Changing one of the lead actresses is a bad idea. Especially if the show’s four seasons in.
·         Coupling: Go ahead and add some British humour to an American sit-com. It’s hard to f*** that up.
·         Dharma & Greg: Marriage at first sight? Why not.
·         ER: The grosser, the better. Love it!
·         Malcolm in the Middle: Being in the middle sucks. You end up living everybody else’s life instead of your own.
·         Married with Children has the power to brainwash your male friends. Sigh.
·         Prison Break: Think of a different setting for every season. People get bored easily. Indeed.
·         The 4400: It’s all about the superpowers, baby.
·         The O.C. Acting like an overpaid log may have unspeakable consequences, such as: Worst. Death. Ever. (You know what I’m talking about.)
·         The X-files: The moment the two lead characters hook up, the whole show goes to Heidies.

I Did Not Get:

·         Bones: Is intellectual and socially awkward the new sexy? If yes, I see the appeal. But still…
·         Heroes: There’s weird and there’s too weird.
·         Lost: If you don’t have a ready plot outline before you start airing, lots of people will get lost in the plot holes. It’s especially cruel when the fanbase is so big.
·         Supernatural: Two hot brothers? Count me in. For a while.
·         The Mentalist: Being unusually smart is only good for crime solving. It’s the only credential you’ll ever need. It pays the bills as well.
·         Same goes for Lie to Me and Checkmate.

Worst of the Worst:

·         Angel: If you decide to break out of a popular show and start your own, don’t do it immediately after the former. People still remember how good it was.
·         Same goes for Joey, which was even worse. Sorry.
·         Caprica: If you turn the hot chick into a robot, don’t expect people to come back for more. No brainer.
·         Mike & Molly: The fatter, the better. Finally, some sense on screen. Too bad the plot is so bad.
·         Moonlight: If you can’t bring anything new to the table, don’t come back for a second season. Indeed.
·         True Blood: Sookie. You’d think you know how to pronouce it.
·         Warehouse13: If you want to do it cheap, choose a God-forsaken warehouse and strand the actors there.

That’s all folks. Did I miss your favorites? I’d like to hear your thoughts! J


Anonymous said...

What about Gigolos? Those guys would have to pay me. They're way too obnoxious for me to pay them.

Lyn Midnight said...

Well said. I'll take your word for it because I've never watched it. :D Thanks!

Lisa Gail Green said...

LOL! These are great.

Lyn Midnight said...

Thanks, Lisa! <3