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Sunday, 22 May 2011

What I've Learned from TV Series

Here’s something you (probably) do not know about me. I am OBSESSED with TV shows. So much so, they’ve taken up a large percentage of my life so far. There’s something to think about and re-evaluate… Anyway, most of these I’ve loved, some I’ve hated and stopped watching, but I’ve applied ‘tough love’ to both. How else will these babies grow and learn? 
Well, the ones that are still running anyway.

Trendy Right Now:

·         American Idol: Talent is judged by a person’s likability, apparently.
·         Gossip Girl: Never reveal the identity of the invisible narrator. Sound familiar?
·         House: Even hopeless people can love and have their heart broken. At least they saw it coming, right?
·         How I Met Your Mother: Never reveal who the mother is. It’s the cliffhanger that would NEVER END! Love it.
·         Pretty Little Liars: It’s not okay to look like an over-sized doll. It doesn’t help facial expressions either.
·         The Vampire Diaries: It’s okay to love two brothers. Just don’t sleep with both at the same time, or else they’ll never forgive you.

Best of the Best:

·         Being Erica: If you have an endless list of regrets, that’s okay. Time travel is the way! Just be warned: you’ll learn lots on the way and change for the better. Sign me up please!
·         Buffy the Vampire Slayer: You can’t just die once. You have to do it multiple times. Voluntarily. Then you have to come back to life, suck it up, and keep saving the world.
·         Friends: Being weird’s okay. Being stupid’s ok too. Being tactless and being spoilt are also okay. Being compulsively neat and organized’s ok too. Even having a gay singer diva dad is okay. I’ll be there for you no matter what. <3
·         Gilmore Girls: ‘Where you lead, I will follow’, indeed.
·         Sex and the City: Whether you have sex like there’s no tomorrow or look for the elusive perfect romance, you’re probably going to end up talking about it with your best friends. A lot.
·         Skins: Whatever happens, there’s always someone who’s worse off than you are. It’s probably your best friend or your girlfriend. Poor Sid.

Gilty Pleasure:

·         24: If you can’t save the world in 24 hours, you’re good for nothing.
·         Cougar Town: Penny Can! Enough said.
·         Dollhouse: Overused scenes and phrases grow on you. Too bad that’s all you remember after the show’s over.
·         Eastwick: Redo a 1997 series? Sure! But only if you can surpass it.
·         FlashForward: There’s nothing worse than knowing the day of your death. Also, a good idea may distract the viewers from the bad acting.
·         Fringe: One world is not enough. You’d have to add another.
·         Ghost Whisperer: Add a dab of boobs, fake eyelashes, and a chick who talks to herself (thinking it’s ghosts), and you’ve got a winner.
·         Greek: If you guys have broken up more than three times, forget it. Verdict is three more years to life.
·         Life Unexpected: You have to have at least 8 hats -one for each day- and a spare one for laundry. Otherwise your head will fall off.
·         Samantha Who: Amnesia can turn your life around. It can make a bad person good. After all, what’s that got to do with genetics? Moan.
·         Two and a Half Men: When the lead actor is Charlie Sheen, old is never too old. Also, if a kid is cute at first, be sure that it won’t last long.

Stay tuned for more lessons in the following 4 categories: ‘Still Running ‘, ‘Long Gone’, ‘I Don't Get It’, & ‘Worst of the Worst’. Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

Love your comment on The Vampire Diaries. My husband and I call it VD. Get it? If the clap ever hit Mystic Falls, it would make the rounds quickly. It's a strangely addictive show, though.

Lyn Midnight said...

Indeed, lol.
I wouldn't dear go anywhere near the books for that reason. Twilight was enough. :D