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Monday, 10 September 2012

Reporting from Roma: On Shopping

Hello everybody,

How was your summer??? I know I disappeared again, but I have a good reason. I've been acclimating to La Citta Eterna, which is no small feat, especially when you don't speak the native language. (But I am learning!) So I can do a series of posts on my Roman adventures (and they are many), starting with... well, shopping. 
I am not saying I've been everywhere or visited all shops in Rome, but I've done a lot of pampering this past month. If you've been to Rome, you probably know August is the big Saldi time, otherwise known as SALE. It's great if you wanna get cheap stuff or even the more expensive things for half price. :)

Let's see the breakdown of the shopping places I've explored so far...

1. Viale Libia
2. Via del Corso
4. Porta di Roma
5. Via Nazionale

I start with Viale Libia because it's the place you can get the cheapest and cutest stuff!!! I got shoes, skirts, tops, necklaces, scarf, etc. It has great stuff on both sides, but I have to say that one of the shops is by far the best... it has really funky things (both for warm and cold days), but I'm not sure what the name is. It's one of those temporary shops (two months if I am not mistaken), so hurry up! I know I'm useless, lol.

Via del Corso is on the expensive end. It has popular brands like Miss Sixty and Guess, but then again you can find those everywhere. I was excited to find some english brands like Accessorize, which means there are manageable places if you're on a tight budget. I bought nothing from there, though.

ROMAEST is the best mall (so far). It's a bit far from everything, but it's worth the trip. I found tons of familiar and new shops. And FYI, you can find ZARA everywhere in the city!!! As for Porta di Roma, it was disappointing. Very small, some basic shops, yaaaaaaaawn.

Via Nazionale is my other favorite. It has cute stuff, expensive stuff, everything. I bought a bathing suit from Calzedonia (according to my bag), and failed to find cheap fall shoes. But when I fail in Via Nazionale, I go to Via Libia. The latter is close to where I live currently, Via Nomentana. 

If you want flea markets, there are some... for fruits and vegetables, Campo De' Fiori. I've only seen it by night (partyyyyy), but I've heard it's rather lively during the day as well. Then there's Porta Portese, which I haven't seen yet because I always sleep a lot on Sunday, a.k.a. my sleep marathon day. There's also a good place near the Vatican... which is a bit too far for my taste. 

I'm probably missing a bunch of stuff, but you must forgive me. Next time it's NIGHTLIFE's turn!!!

My God, I haven't blogged in ages... it feels strangely exhilarating. Ciao a tutti! <3

P.S. Any misspellings are unintentional, sorry Italian people!