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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Snapshots: The BS Cast (sci-fi)

Slightly off-topic: Isn't this the CUTEST ROBOT EVER?!
(No, it's not that kind of sci-fi.)

No, BS does not stand for what you think. It’s actually the title of my sci-fi book, which I’ll keep a secret for now (it's about time travel). Funny fact: it was on this blog for a while and someone may have actually seen it, but I’m hoping nobody did. I like to have an air of mystery, okay? Sheesh.

Anyway, I know it’s Sunday and most of you are hibernating right now, but I hope someone will show up for this very special post… really one of a kind. Wait for it…

Today I’m presenting my book’s cast! The pictures are of celebrities, not real people or anything, and if you’d like to get more eye-candy for yourselves, visit

There are just two things missing. I’ve been racking my brain who should play my protagonist in the movie and I came to a brick wall. Like in the song. So I turn to you, faithful followers and random blog stumblers, hoping that you could help me in my quest for the perfect Dora out there. 

Dora’s 15, has light brown eyes, and medium long black hair. In my mind, she is kind of funny looking, which is why I cannot find the perfect face for the part. So please, if you know of anyone who looks the part, PLEASE let me know. (Other than Anna Paquin; she didn't cut it.)

The other missing element is the guy she has a crush on. (Yes, I am pathetic.) His name is Trapper. He looks about 22 years old. He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. For a while, I thought Ashton Kutcher in his 20's, but no. Suggestions? Anyone?

Good thing that everyone else is figured out, no? Ahem.

Meet Boon, 17, Dora's right hand. 
Specialist in healing.

Meet Gob, 18, Dora's left hand.
Specialist in trouble. Empath.

Meet Faze, 25, antagonist.
Specialist in false perception.

Meet Reven, 18, shapeshifter/femme fatale.
Specialist in double talk and sexy outfits.

Meet Cassidy, 12, trickster.
Specialist in puppet-mastering and illusions.

Clobber, 28, ally.
Dora's favorite teacher, specialist in dislocation.

Meet Felony, 19, ally/trouble-maker.
Specialist in recovering lost memories.

And there's some other people as well, I guess. As you can see, I like to have some visual aids when I write and create worlds. It helps me recreate the scenes in my mind (or act them out like a crazy person in my room). So I REALLY need my two main characters now. 

Wanna help? SPREAD THE WORD! And thank you. :)


Angela Wallace said...

I love finding celebrity pics that represent my characters. It makes them just a little more real, and I love the ones you've chosen for yours! Sorry, no bright ideas at the moment, but I will let it simmer.

Michael Offutt said...

Hmmm for Dora maybe one of the Fanning sisters with some contact lenses and hair dye might work. The name of your sci-fi book is intriguing and I love your cast of characters that you've put here. I haven't done that but I can see how being able to visualize might put things into more perspective.

Kathleen said...

How about Hailee Steinfeld for Dora?

The girl from True Grit.

Dave said...

Zoey Deschanel?

yikici said...

I dont know how you feel about Robert Pattinson -think he fits the bill nicely. A young keira Knightly comes to mind for Dora :)

Ava Jae said...

I just have one thing to say: judging by your characters, your book sounds seriously cool. But you already know I'm a ridiculously big X-Men fan so I eat up anything I can find that involves people with awesome abilities.

I lied. I have another thing to say, too. I wish I was one of the people that saw your book title on your blog. :)

Lyn Midnight said...

@Angela Thank you! Somehow it does seem like something you'd be on board with. Right on!

@Michael Dakota Fanning is already Cassidy. :) And thanks!

@Kathleen Good one, but no. I should have mentioned Dora's not too tall, so no models. (I can tell how tall someone is by any picture. It's freaky.)

@Dave Zoey is super cute, but quite old for the part. Love her though.

@Ozlem Oops, you chose the two actors I dislike... hmm. Were you in my diaries?

@Ava I knew it! Maybe I'll tell, you what it was if you come up with the right Dora. :P

Thanks, everyone! The search continues...

yikici said...

Diaries? I guess not... I'll think some more then :) but from the top of my head hows Jude Law or Clove Owen? Kristen Dunst or Christina Ricci?

J. A. Bennett said...

What about a young version of Camilla Belle?

Or Chloe Moretz (if she died her hair and put in contacts)

I'm just throwing out names here...

Leslie Rose said...

What a blast seeing your characters. Good luck with the hunt for the missing pieces.