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Sunday, 12 June 2011

(S.S.) Sunday Sorrow

Sometimes when I write, I stop being funny. Strange things happen then. I see glimpses of lives that are not my own. Sometimes those images evoke strong emotional responses that continue to haunt me for a while after.

Wonder what I mean?
Just read...


Kissed by rain.

This is how I felt when I heard the news. They kept saying ‘congratulations’, but all I heard was ‘he won’t say yes’. At lunch, my girlfriends babble about the newest silk women buy cheap to have it made. I think it’s a stupid idea, which I tell Jill.

“Did you tell your parents?”

He won’t say yes.

“Did you send the invitations?”

He won’t say yes. Tick tick tick. My life is measured in seconds, not hours.

“Patrick is going to be pleased.”

He won’t. He won’t. He won’t. My clock-like heart accelerates, passing the speed-limit.

On the day, I walk forth in sluggish steps, dreading the sound of I do. I can’t stop rewinding those stolen moments. Breathing has never been so hard.

‘Do you take this woman...’ Yada yada. Get it over with already.

I throw up a little in my mouth when he answers. Tam tam ta dam.

Outside, the summer breeze cuts my face. Time has stopped.

Our friends’ cheers sound like profanity in my ears and the weather confirms it: it’s drizzling. Gypsies say that a bear weds when it rains on a sunny day.

Maybe not a bear, but certainly my best friend and my man.

Patrick and Jill. While the rain doesn’t touch them, it keeps hammering my face. I stand there watching, kissed by the sodding rain.

He didn’t say yes.


Ava Jae said...


That...was...sad...but I suppose you promised that...awww...

Kissed by rain. I like that, though. Kissed by the sodding rain. Very nice. Depressing, but nice.

Lyn Midnight said...

Yeah... it haunts me. Honestly, when I started to write, I had no intention of going there. But the muse doesn't ask, she shoves.

Thanks for reading, Ava. :)

Wesley Dylan Gray said...

Very nice, sad little piece. Also love the title.

Lyn Midnight said...

Thank you so much, Wesley. :)

Stacy said...

That was sad, but really nice. It's amazing how our writing can take on a life of its own.

Lyn Midnight said...

Thanks, Stacy. Yeap, it's the thrilling part about the process. :)