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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Somethings (S.S.)

Happy lazy Sunday!

S.S. is yet another blog feature. No, not Secret Service! (as if)

For the first time today, I wasn’t sure what to blog about. While I have plenty of ideas, most revolve around writing. (Drag!) The rest touch on social media. Overdone much?

Then I caught a few ideas floating about my brain-closet, like that annoying tune by Rebecca Black Friday (OH MY GOD, JUST MAKE IT STOP: brain leak). It seems that the whole thing about Friday flash had struck a chord, albeit an overplayed one.
But I have the guest-blog features on Friday and I don’t really need any more projects now do I? So... what better way to pass yet another lazy Sunday in bed than post a short Sunday treat. Problem solved.

Of course, any fan of alliteration would understand that I couldn’t stop there and HAD to think of a name in those lines. So the Somethings part in Sunday Somethings can be anything; lots of words start with S. Things like: surprise, shh, smile, secret, sickness, syringe, solstice, scrooge, not to mention foreign words I know because I’m semi-trilingual (don’t ask).

The first S.S. treat will be up in...


All I can say about it is... you might need tissues.