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Friday, 3 June 2011

Time for Blog Fun: Game of Tag

So I’ve been tagged by the lovely Angela. I often check out to see what she’s been up to on her lovely blog, and she’s a very nice tweep to have around. Go check her out in her cyber lair! 

And this game of tag sounded so fun that I bravely jumped into the depths of my brain-closet to fish out answers to existensial questions such as… *blinks* ‘Are you hot??’ Well, sure, I guess it’s a silly game them. I sure love those!

So let the game begin!

Do you think you're hot?
Yes, like a boiling egg. When I’m not, it just means that I’m sleeping.  Wait… hot how?

Upload a picture o
f wallpaper that you're using at the moment.
Ok, you asked for it…


Yes, I am one of those unapologetic Harry Potter fans to the grave. Plus it makes me feel like I;m a renegade, running from the law. Tee hee.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
The other day at KFC. Though I usually just eat crap. And I mean that: I live on cereal and muffins. Sometimes I add some bread and tuna. Ah, student life…

The song(s) you listened to recently.
Ummm, lots. Yesterday I had a kind of a disco night where I was dancing and singing in my room – alone – and I went on an old school frenzy. You know, Bon Jovi, Queen, AC/DC, Madonna, Eminem. Then I meshed it up with house party mixes, some dubstep, Bulgarian folk music, and hard rock. Yes, I listen to practically everything that can be called music. I live and breathe music.

What were you thinking as you were doing this?
OMG, I’m so cool! (LOL)

Do you have nicknames? What are they?
Lyn, Violet, Vi, Vivi, Viv, Nicky, and Etty. That last one is my baby nickname my parents still insist on using. Not sure why I’m telling you guys.. Hmm.

Tag 8 blogger friends...

Orlando Ramos

Avalon Jaedra

Katherine Bennett

Jennifer Bennett

Brielle B.

Marjorie McAtee

L. Caroll.

Wren Emerson

Who's listed as No. 1?
Orlando is! He is awesome. Right now he is working on this amazing sci-fi story, I’m totally hooked. He also plays the guitar, and I keep saying that because I just love musical people! I’m attracted to them like a bee on honey, like a fly to light, like a deer to headlights… :D

Say something about No. 5
Brielle’s blog was one of the first blogs I read and was hooked on. She’s very entertaining. Nice tweep, too. Overall a lovely gal.
How did you get to know No. 3? 
Katherine? I think she was one of the first people I followed on Twitter. She seemed so nice and so helpful that I immediately thought, what a lovely lady! Then I read her psychic blog and amazingly unusual stories and was even more convinced that it was fated that we meet.

How about No. 4.
Jennie is yet another good twitter friend. I’m not sure how we met though. Maybe it was when she followed my blog? See, old age… I forget. And I am 24, for God’s sakes! Anyway, so now we exchange music like crazy. Finally, someone who can keep up, lol.

Leave a message for No. 6.
Omg, Marjorie, do you remember that post I left you a long comment on? It still haunts me with its hilarity. Which reminds me to maybe check out your newer posts, lol. There’s nothing I love more than a person who makes me laugh like crazy. You go, girl!

Leave a lovey dovey message for No. 2. 
Avaaaa, you know I love you right? Funny fact, you remind me a LOT of a friend I used to have back in my Harry Potter fanfictioning days, when I was part of this community of writers, and she was always happy and excited, I swear! Those are the people I am always attracted to. I mean, who needs grumpy friends, right? So there you have it, you’re awesome. Oh, and btw, you probably suspect this, but I am seriously obsessed with your name now. I’m thinking of naming my babies after you, LOL.

Do No. 7 and No. 8 have any similarities?
Yes! They are both published authors. L.Carroll’s ‘Destruction from Twins’ is available in paperback via Amazon, and Wren’s ‘I Wish’ is kindle edition. Both on my reading list.

OK guys, TAG you’re it!!! *runs off grinning*


Jen said...

I love your background pic, lol! I'm not sure how we met either something to do with a blog or twitter :) I totally agree with you about the grumpy people thing, who needs em? I can't do this until Tuesday, but I will pass it on!

Lyn Midnight said...

Thanks. :) Yeah, see, we're both too old to remember anything, lol. Ok, sure, I bet you have better things to do, unlike some people (me). :P