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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

[teeny tiny poems]

Ever heard of the Tiny Weeny competition (@Leaf Books)? It's closed now, but I've been racking my brain to think of funny little gems to send next time it opens @ Here's some I have:

1.  The Anguished Sandwich

       Without mayonnaise,
           I STAND NO CHANCE
       to touch your lips.

2.  Proposal

I would comply if you asked
Gently, like breeze
      ‘will you marry me?’
  I might.

3.  Alive

The average man spends his life
     Chasing after that
                   which he is:

4.  Man’s Word

My choice is to be loved,
   Not hated.
My life is to be lived,
   Not wasted.

5.  One Word

If the whole world could be fit in a word,
          Hands down. It should be absurd.

6.  Devil’s Decree

In your blood I spelled out
                     the Devil’s Decree:
        My eye for your life.

You like? <3