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Monday, 30 May 2011

Haley Reinhart's Stellar Performances

I didn’t like Haley at first. At all. But then she started singing like crazy and I was hooked. She was that good throughout. Ever since Benny and the Jets, she has not disappointed me once. This is the makes of a true artist.

So I’m watching Haley do Alanis, and I’m wondering: How could she not have gone to the final? In Randy’s words: ‘What kind of a show is this?’ She alone delivered the whole package every single time. Seriously. I have two words for you. Standing. Ovations. When did Lauren get one? When did Scotty? And how many times did Haley get them from the judges and the audience? At least four times. In a row.
Come on, America. Did you wake up with ear plugs in your ears or did you leave your sense at the bank? 

You can literally see Haley’s confidence and abilities grow on stage. Now I’m gonna ask you to listen to the performances below one more time. In this order. And then you tell me she didn’t win Idol. Because in my mind, she did. 

1. Benny and the Jets:
2. Rolling in the Deep:
3. House of the Rising Sun 
4. The Earth Song. 
5. I Who Have Nothing
6. What Is and What Should Never Be:
7. You Oughta Know:

Goes to show that what people say is true. The great talents go unappreciated by their own contemporaries. Well then, it’s good Haley didn’t win. Because she gets to win in real life. I cannot wait to see her take the world by storm!
At least the last episode was quite the show. They brought out all the greats as if thet would make up for the countless blunders. And why did Lady Gaga get a standing ovation? I would have only given one to Beyonce, whose emotional performance of ‘1 + 1’ reminded me of years long gone when I watched Mariah Carey sing ‘Without You’ and stomped her foot on stage with such emotion and conviction that I wanted to be like her.

1. You can watch ‘1 + 1’ here:
2. Mariah Carey’s classic Without You here:

Even now this memory bring tears to my eyes. That’s what talent, style, and craft are all about. And even though I like Scotty, I like Lauren, and I like all of the Idols and admit that many deserve acknowledgment, I was greatly disappointed with the whole thing.
Weren’t you?


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Meika said...

I completely agree with everything you said. Haley was perfection. She has talent and drive and she refused to back down, even when Randy was being a huge jerk to her. I really was rooting for her. Ahh, well. She's gonna take over the world one mind-blowing song at a time.

Lyn Midnight said...

Yay, we knot it! I can't wait to see what she does next. And now I'm listening to the studio versions of her performances, amazing. I think I am obsessed. :P Thanks for stopping by, Meika! Hope you come again. :)