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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Six-Words Collection

Hello, fellow tweeps! Yesterday (May 17th), the news of the 6-word ‘Momoirs’ on the New York Times ( took Twitter by storm, so some of us decided to invent our own 6-wordsies on various topics. We pretty much ran wild with it! So, naturally, I couldn’t resist putting them all together. Apart from #sixwords, there’s also #fourwords and #fivewords, and if there were more of me, I’d have included those too.

Hope I didn’t forget anyone! Also, if you have a FAVORITE or would like to CONTRIBUTE more #sixwords, feel free to do so here. Just bear in mind I won’t be checking the channels anymore, because it’s too addictive! So, lo and behold! Counter-alphabetized, THE 6-WORDS COLLECTION.

P.S. Thanks to all contributions and I hope everyone enjoys!

@RosalynPalmer Found notes for chapter after written
@blanghinrichs If writing were easy... I'd celebrate.
@ChainOfWords Back away from the exclamation points.
@SelkieWriter Write through the knotted questions. Breathe.
@buzzdennis Word choice. Always important. Except now.
@shagpiler Words pinch and bite leaving marks.
@Mortythemouth Some words stand on their own.
@lympha13 I love my books to bits.
@ChainOfWords sparse words, to define a world
@dgdreamin Mixed messages and metaphors mingle together

@blanghinrichs I went. I followed. Follow back?
@shainorton So hungry he ate Twitter spam.
@blanghinrichs Plenty of time... Oops, Twitter chat.

@amba_nayar The crib, her soul, both empty

@blanghinrichs Empty mailbox. Silent phone. Unseen tears.
@AmandaMagee Make anyone cry, laugh, nod , sigh.
@PoeticalPsyche With shot-glass empty, the bottle's tempting
@museinruins licks of fire, drops of dew
@ChainOfWords sparse words, to define a world
@AliasAngel tattered quilt of love and hope
@QuietDaemon Curled fingers, come hither, send shivers
@Ysabeluna ~ you're ~ the magic ~ in ~ my ~ moonlight
@gilliewhitewolf restless panther / paces in the moonlight
@yearning4d_sky Poets are more soul than matter
@SIMYART Fire reaches out to warm me
@Wolfs_Diary I love to kiss mountains high
 @yearning4d_sky birds chirping a welcome to spring
@dgdreamin My thoughts melting into my soul. 
@CyberBonn The night speaks in moonlit verse.

@Eknori Breaking news: The Pope got married
@blanghinrichs "What's that noise?" Osama's last words.

@SeanPWallace He died happy; I made sure.
@SeanPWallace Hunted. Killed. Repeatedly. When caught, suicide.
@O_about_that She killed him, now he's back

@Writtled Love a little; lose a lot.
@dgdreamin I have no vices ~ except you
@Writtled His love grew from her flaws.
@VerbaVitae Found, Lost, Found. Love's lifecycle.
@erogenousmind Morning / your scent lingers / on me.
@Ysabeluna ~ you're ~ the magic ~ in ~ my ~ moonlight
@gilliewhitewolf the emptiness / echoes / with your absence
@momentsANDyou ~we build our love without conditions~
@KrisLindbeck All I show, you already know.
@momentsANDyou ~you bring love~ in different levels~
@PaintswithWords Wear a smile ~ only a smile
@amoz1939 mutual admiration ~ of poems ~ between lovers
@tweetluck Love lends wings to our desires.

@VerbaVitae Humankind invents robot. Robot re-invents Itself.

@blanghinrichs Dawn of the Dead. Slept in.
@blanghinrichs The universe expands, trying to escape.
@TomasdeSabina Now go and hug a tree.
@shainorton Stupid alien strippers! Kirk is fictional!
@shainorton Only screwdriver in the hammer aisle.
@Eknori Kissed Prince, turned into a frog.

@SeanPWallace And here's almost every H.P. Lovecraft story:
'Something weird. Gets worse. Insanity. Cliffhanger.’
@SeanPWallace To whit, the standard Hollywood romance;
'Met. Broke up. Grand gesture. Married.'

@KarMa_K Laugh off Pain when in Doubt.
@SenryuCapulet Roads that connect us divide us.
@BenjaminHogue Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. 
@Writtled Time spun circles; I stood still.
@BeeNCeedotcom Light moments, bright moments. Desperate Search.
@MikeHorsley We are, and that scares us.
@Patty_Cake All I want is right here.
 @SIMYART Pondering the reality of the moment
@Voidhead Loneliness is unclean and yet elegant.
@Korrectamundo Hypocrisy is the most common sin.
@Stevenc58 Obscurity is the bridge to clarity.
@Stevenc58 Verity is the heart of wit.
@timqueeney No fun if you're a pawn!!
@QuietDaemon Working the body, enriching the soul.

@wordspalabras Wonder... are your dreams like mine?
@blissfulglam in bed I dream ~before sleep
@SIMYART A day of dreams not found

Endnote: Don’t you just LOVE them? Wanna know my personal favorite? <3


Moonlight Gleam said...

Thank you for stopping by! I returned the follower!

What lovely post! I sincerely enjoyed reading through all of these! It's great reading everyone's short msgs on a given topic! Thank you for sharing :D

Lyn Midnight said...

I am happy you liked it. There are so many talented Tweeps out there, it was my pleasure to capture that on my humble little blog.

Thank YOU for reading and commenting. :)