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Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Flash: Transcripts of a Broken Mind

(Image borrowed from grcwriter on Hitrecord.)

DISCLAIMER: The following text contains mild language and topics of a sensitive nature. 

Monday, February 13, 2012.
 “Is it recording… right. Hello dear, my name is Dr. Archer. Do you know where you are?”
“Crofter's Lodge, Bristol.”
“Well done. Can you tell me what your name is?”
“Celia. Cece.”
“Are you certain it’s not Holly? Holly Hallbrook.”
“No, that’s her name, not mine.”
“Right. Tell me about her then. Are you and Holly friends?”
“No, but we tolerate each other. As long as I have my nights, she can have her days.”
“When’s the last time you slept?”
“I don’t sleep.”

Thursday, March 15, 2012.
 “All right, Cece. Can you tell me what happened on the night--”
“The night Liam raped me? Sure, do you have enough tape?”
“Just give me the breakdown, okay?”
“The breakdown… I switched, went to my favorite place, and met Liam. It was obvious what he wanted. He wanted to rape some poor woman and take away her pride, like someone from his past got his. I enjoyed the look on his face when he realized I wasn’t that woman.”
“Then what happened?”
“He raped me. He took off my undies, dug his nails in my thighs, and started thrusting. I never heard his pants unzipping. Maybe he was wearing slacks. No matter… then he said her name, which was strange. I didn’t know he knew her. Maybe they’d met on one of her recitals. It excited me that he did.”
“And then what?”
“You’re too rushed... taking the pleasure out of it -- don’t disagree, I can see you want to.”
“I’m not disagreeing. Continue, please.”
“Where was I… ah yes, the best part. It was when he came that I saw what I had wanted all along. It was the briefest moment of clarity. It was beautiful. Sadly, I didn’t reach mine. I never do…”

Tuesday, April 17, 2012.
“Are you sexually frustrated, Cece?”
“You are joking. I am being serious and you are just a silly child--”
“Who are you talking to right now?”
“I am talking to you, you piece of shit.”
“Who are you talking to in your mind, Cece?”
“We don’t talk about him. Or what he did to us. We only want to experience it again.”
“Do you mean Holly and you? Does Holly want to experience this again?”
“Who cares what she wants? I run this parade. It’s what I want that matters. She’s too much of a coward to face her desires, so I take care of that for her. If she didn’t want it, I would not exist. There’s your answer.”
“You are rationalizing, Cece. Can you tell me what Holly wants to say right now?”
“She has nothing to say. She’s pathetic… she wants to cry. But we’re all cried out.”
“That’s good, Cece. Tell me how it feels. Tell me how Liam made you feel.”
“Alive. We felt alive. No… I felt alive. Holly wasn’t there. She’s never there.”
“So you did it against Holly’s will, is that right?”
“Yes… no… I don’t know. You’re confusing me! STOP IT!”
“Now, Cece, relax. Just do your exercise…”
“Cece, relax! Holly? Holly, are you there? Security-!”

P.S. I am morbidly fascinated with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities).