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Saturday, 28 January 2012 Tell Me YOUR Story!

(globotreks) It seems like a lot of fun, no?

I’ve talked to a few people on twitter about this… I’ve been homeless and jobless for too long. Unemployment has been rising forever, and the worst has been on Graduates… or at least it seems that way. However, there is a ray of hope there! It’s called CouchSurfing.

The world's largest travel community.

If you like travelling and meeting new people, it’s the perfect place for you. It’s way more than other social media sites… it’s concerned mainly with finding you a place to sleep for the night. But not only that! You can participate in fun activities, have a drink with a stranger, or let someone stay at your place! And it’s mostly safe because you can see people’s references on the site. CS is all about trust.

The profiles include everything from name and occupation to philosophy and travel stories. So before you meet the person in question, you already know if you’d hit it off. It’s amazing how can be seen as a Facebook type of dating site! Not only that, but you can basically travel anywhere and not worry about finding a place to stay. You don’t need to have friends in your new destination, but you only need to have a profile in CS and be approachable and open to the other members there.

I’ve only been a member for two weeks, but a very good friend of mine has told me a lot of stories about her adventures all over the world, and she’s always said that CS has helped a lot! In fact, I’m just now moving to a new place where I’ve zero friends… but now I’m sure I’ll easily fix that with the help of CS.

(Sheesh, I sound like some pushy sales person. What’s up with that? Lol)

Because it’s not just about finding a place to stay. It’s about connecting and having fun with people who have opened their lives and houses to strangers, and who want to experience different cultures both directly and indirectly, by hosting a stray free-spirit or two. And the best part is: if somebody has a profile on CS, you automatically know you’ve something in common: you like to travel and meet new people.

I don’t know about you, but that’s the #1 quality I look for in my friends. So I already feel like I’m going to have a lot of fun with CS. And why not spend a year travelling when I save up some money? The exciting part is, nothing’s stopping me from living it up while I’m still young and free…

So basically, I’m blogging today to say this: I have a new job (perfect for me), I have CS to help me find a couch for a week, and I’ll be finding lots of new friends pretty soon. In my book, this is definitely something to include in my gratitude list for today! (Yes, I’m a dork who likes to give thanks every day… not just on Thanks-Giving, which I technically don’t celebrate.)

And now I’ll let you check the site out and go find myself a couch! I’ll post updates when there’s something new to report, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with CouchSurfing. 

Tell me about the best and worst experiences, leave nothing out. I’m all ears!!!

P.S. Currently listening to Life after You by Daughtry. A great feel-good song!