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Thursday, 12 January 2012

25 Mistakes to Make before You're 25!

There it is again. January 13. Friday the 13th. Oh boy.

So it’s official. I’ve just turned a quarter of a century. When did I get so old???

Anyway, I was going to make a list of 25 things one should do before they turn 25, but I actually thought that a quick recap of stupid things I’ve done in my life so far would be more fun. After all, it’s not the mistakes we make that defines us… it’s how we handle them. (You probably recognize that line from TV.)
Seeing as I’m pretty much alive and kicking, I’ve obviously handled my shame and regret in a somewhat graceful manner. Besides, handling tragedy with a little weapon called humor goes a loooong way.

Oh, and just a quick disclaimer: I’ve only done 20 of those things. Some of them repeatedly.

1. Do something dangerous.
2. Dump someone and live to regret it.
3. Get drunk and pass out before an important day.
4. Have unsafe sex and get a pregnancy fright.
5. Have a one-night stand and do the walk of shame.
6. Sleep with a close friend.
7. Kiss a girl and like it. (Not sure if the same should go for the guys.)
8. Quit your job and beg for it later.
9. Fall in love with someone who’s emotionally unavailable.
10. Get a horrible tattoo while inebriated.
11. Find yourself homeless and jobless, thousand miles away from home.
12. Get so riled up that you have to see a therapist.
13. Let loose at a party only to find unflattering photos on facebook later.
14. Help a man/woman cheat on their wife/husband.
15. Tell someone you love them even if you’re not sure it’s true.
16. Attempt to sing your favorite song on Karaoke night and forget the words.
17. Fall for your friend’s boyfriend.
18. Run away when things get tough. Just leave town.
19. Call your Mom and cry on the phone.
20. Let fear of failure hold you back and dictate your decisions.
21. End up jobless and homeless.
22. Find consolation in illegal substances.
23. Pick a fight.
24. Hug a giant Ice Penis. (Hint: Watch Being Erica)
25. Make a rash decision that will change your life forever.

In the end, mistakes are what makes us who we are. And they help us make better decisions. So really, a mistake is both a set-back and a set-UP for better choices in the future. It’s all good if it ends well.

So… what kind of mistakes have YOU done? Do you regret making them?

Quote of the day: “Everyone’s lost at 25.” –One Day 2011