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Saturday, 1 October 2011

We've Got a WINNER!!!

Last week the Life List Club celebrated 3 months ofexistence. To commemorate the occasion, my fellow life listers and I offered an exciting number of giveaways to our faithful followers/commenters.

My giveaway was an in-depth 2-chapter critique of your WIP. I will extend it by adding that you can change it for a guest spot of any topic/length/etc. on my blog OR taking part in my new SECRET project this month. I’ll let the winner choose which sounds best.

And how did I decide to pick my winner? Well you know me, I hate to do anything boring, so I devised a plan. Throw a bunch of notes with names on them up in the air and let them fall down to the floor, and then wait until someone picks up one of them.

It took some convincing of my housemates and waiting around aimlessly, but in the end, WE’VE GOT A WINNER! So DRUMROLL please…


Congrats Lisa!!! Come and collect your goodies. And thanks to everyone else for always being so supportive! Now let’s see if I can make some more green punch for you to say thanks. (Or kill you, which wouldn’t be too festive. Maybe pass on the punch.)

And just to stay on a positive note, here's my daily exercise of 3 good things

--Today I won 50$ online, 20 & 10 pounds in lottery. In my experience, good things happen in threes, no? So today was a super lucky day for me. *grin*
--I went out with ALL of my friends, which almost never happens...
--I got a lead for a good job. Hopefully, it'll follow up. :D

What are the three good things that happened to YOU today?