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Monday, 4 July 2011

The Value of Ugly: Bridesmaids Review

Warning: Inconsequential Spoilers Ahoy!

I think it’s safe to say that Monday will be movie day from now on.

So I watched a romantic comedy today. You know how there’s a point where the movie has just ended, and for a moment, you feel like you’re in fairytale limbo?

Well I hate this moment. I hate feeling like my life’s never going to be this good or glamorous. But you know what? I stumbled upon a movie today that did not make me hurl a little in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good love story as much as the next gal, but sometimes life makes you want to mock those movies because they’re nothing like real life.

Bridesmaids (2011), however, did not make me hate it one bit.

As usual, I had low expectation which were completely shattered as soon as it started. Said bridesmaids are a group of life-like quirky friends (no human-sized dolls, except for maybe one), who expose themselves to the camera in a very… obnoxious way.

Lillian is the deer-in-headlights bride. 

Annie, her childhood best friend, is the maid of honor. 

Helen is Lillian’s other best friend, a.k.a. Annie’s nemesis. 

Megan is the crazy-ass treat of the movie if you ask me. 

Becca is the innocent newlywed. 

And Rita is a mother of three boys and likes to swear a lot. 

It’s quite the upgrade to the Sex and the City cast.

So the movie’s filled with a specific type of humor that you don’t always see on screen. In British movies maybe, but not on the glossy Hollywood ones. You experience it in life and laugh it off, thinking movie stars never find themselves into these awfully embarrassing situations, but man, did they go all out for Bridesmaids!

Basically, this movie made me uncomfortable. For the most part, I had to look away, cover my ears, laugh like a maniac, and cry like a baby, because it wasn’t like watching a movie. It was like living in the gross reality of life. Where men take advantage of women, where your ugly-ass housemates kick you out, and where there’s no point lower than the one you’ve reached. And what does life give you when you can’t stand up? Carrot cakes.

No wait, that’s not it. It gives you crazy friends who will embarrass you on a plane and make funny faces when they drive, but those are the people who will be at your side when the most important moments of your life roll in.

But you know what? I think that weddings are supposed to suck. Because if we’re getting our ‘happily ever after’, or even just ‘happy for a while’, then we’d have to be ready for it, and that’s when life tosses us the most screwed up moments of clarity. And if the people you’re surrounded with are not the ones with whom you can withstand said disasters, then you’re not ready for the big prize, period. The greatest gifts of life come not only with great responsibility but also at the greatest price, and this is not some ploy to attract the attention of Star Wars fans. This is the God-to-honest truth about life.

So to me, Bridesmaids (2011) brought not only laughs at the ugly side of life, but also perspective and respect. If Hollywood can make a romantic comedy that can say all this, then I’d like to think that there is hope for the future of rom-coms.

Besides, you don’t see and hear things like talking dolphins, lap naps, ass bites, and sperm blankets every day. Toward the end, we even learn 10 ways to attract a cop’s attention, which are as ridiculous as fighting a giant heart-shaped cookie and driving topless.

So get ready people, because the ugly’s moving on screen, leaving the pretty ideals behind, and showing us what we really want to see: people screwing up at the most awkward times and in the most ridiculous ways. Why? Because then we don’t feel like we’re alone in our awkwardness and ugliness.

Because then we’re in good company. 


Anonymous said...

When I first heard "Bridesmaids", I didn't want to see it. After reading this, I just might.

After seeing "Superbad" and "The Hangover", I didn't expect to hear about raw, human stories like the ones you talk about here in an R-rated comedy. Thank you.

Lyn Midnight said...

You're welcome. :)

I was very surprised myself actually. And I didn't even watch the hangover and superbad, but I read a positive review on Bridesmaids, so I gave it a shot. Now I'm spreading the word. ^_^

Thank you for stopping by!

DTG Reviews said...

The movie was not what I expected although when I first saw it in the theater, I was surprised as hell to see something like that. The humor in this film is not for everyone but I thought it was quite hilarious.