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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Strange Saturday Snapshots

I OD'ed on social media. This is a cautionary tale.

This past week was pretty crazy. I blogged about a lot of things, added some stuff to my blog, updated my story blog (FINALLY) and made a mock-up book cover, joined a club, postponed buying plane ticket, and even joined Google+! So crazy that I (almost) had no time for life! *sigh*

So I think I snapped, which is why I'll keep words to a minimum today.

It’s Saturday, my brain is fried, and I need something silly to snap me out of it. This is how I thought of a new blog theme called Saturday Snapshots. The beauty of it is: I don't have to make sentences, just string pictures together. Hmm, I hope it's as easy as it sounds...

You already know that I always include pictures in my posts (one or more), and that is because I am a very visual person, and let’s face it: most of us are. To me, these images both please the eye and work some magic by proving points, finishing thoughts, and inducing laughter. 

What you DON’T KNOW is that I make myself crazy until I find the PERFECT picture and save a hundred until I do, all in two folders on my computer. I wouldn't be able to find my own profile picture if I wanted to. And since I have no use for most of these pictures, I’ll put some of them together to make a post today and every Saturday from now until I run out of steam… which happens every 17 years. 

What’s best about this is: you wouldn't believe the kind of images you can stumble upon when you look for something sane. So today it’s all about the STRANGENESS of the Internet.

All right, enough babble. Enjoy the ride!

Cautionary tale: Twitter Induces Mania.

Soon your eyes fall out and your new favorite snack is a brain.

It feels like Follow Fridays never end.

Music contributes to the high... until you OD on it.

When you look in the mirror, you can't recognize yourself.

You see everyday objects in disturbing shapes.

You start to think your pet is smarter than they seem.

Eyes follow you everywhere and aliens are out to get you.

You try to run away but you've turned into a giant hand!

Eventually you turn to your new best friend, the bottle.

You tell the world to dirtyword itself.

And when you finally go to bed, clowns haunt your dreams.

But you can't stop. Obsession is familiar.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics Violeta, especially the woman with the eye stalks. Super awesome!

Lyn Midnight said...

Haha. Thanks, Gene. You still seem to be sane enough to comment at least. :P

Marjorie McAtee said...

I'm going to start telling people to go dirtyword themselves.