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Friday, 27 May 2011

My brand is me.


I am a very confusing person, so if you follow this blog, you have been warned!

First of all, my birth name is Violeta Nedkova. I am Bulgarian. And when I started writing Harry Potter fanfiction back in the old days (about 6-7 years ago), I desperately wanted a fancy pseudonym. I'm not sure why, maybe it was trendy or I just thought it was. 

So I picked Lyn Midnight because of a dream. It was a nightmare, mind you, but this did not stop me from adopting the name of 'Amanda Midnight', later somewhat morphing into Lyn Midnight. I found a lot of great online friends back then. I was a real part of the fanfiction community and made good, lasting friendships with interesting and talented writers from all over the world. And they all called me Lyn, which has continued to date.

And now that I'm used to being called Lyn, it's hard to give it up. Not to mention the lovely memories it brings. Besides, if you google Lyn Midnight (go on, I dare you), you'd find what I've been doing the past few years, which is not much. It's creepy how the Internet has you on display like that. But honestly, you'd think there are more women with that name.

On the other hand, my friends call me Vivi, Vivian, Viv, Vicky, & V. My Mum likes to call me Nicky sometimes (long story). To add to the madness, I like to refer to a 'third personality' of mine (other than my own and Lyn) as Alexis, who is the alleged party animal of my threefold existence. I don't really mean that I suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (a.k.a. multiple personality) here, at least not just yet. I just like to categorize things, myself included. It's a part of who I am.

And YET another confusion concerns my writing style. Sigh. I am going to say this once: I am first and foremost a FANTASY gal. I know that my blog may not reflect that just yet, but you have to trust me on this. Even though I am writing a scifi novel and I'm truly fascinated with the genre, I am first and foremost a fantasy writer. After all, I am currently working on 3 whole fantasy books (one in blog form: Furthermore, I have not yet reached the point where I can call myself a poet, so let's leave it at that. 

I'd also like to make one more point about this blog. Do NOT be fooled by the tiny labels on the right of this post. I know I have blogged mostly about TV shows, science fiction and poetry so far, but there's a LOT more to come, fantasy and general writing exercises included. When I am ready with 'the plan' as it were, I'll post it under the FEATURES tab up there. 

Also, I feel an American Idol post raising its ugly head soon, as I was very outraged at this season overall. You have been forewarned. 

So basically, I just wanted to thank you in advance for bearing with my whims. I am a VERY mercurial person and get heated up and cooled down easily, and that includes my blog updates. Therefore, expect occasional mentions of movies, morning poetry, trends, but remember: MOST of this blog content is going to be on writing. 

Any genre, any time, any form. 

And I'm not kidding about that either. I have found that dabbing into different formats adds up to my style, making me a better writer overall. Verse helps with prose, journalling helps with writing overall, and Twitter helps with being concise and using buzz words. Furthermore, all three, as well as blog-keeping, teach a writer how NOT TO WASTE WORDS, which should be a criminal offence in Publishing, traditional or otherwise. 

And finally -for real this time- people say that one has to have a brand these days. It represents what they're all about. I wholeheartedly agree and I am currently trying to set up a pace for myself and discover my 'blog voice'. Of course I have my human voice, my girly voice, and my writing voice all set, so I'll be quick to catch up.

So if you ask me what I'm all about, I'd say: variety, humor, persistence, originality, and writing. 

That is all. 


Anne-Mhairi Simpson said...

Love the post. I look forward to reading your work :)

Lyn Midnight said...

Thanks, Anne. You rock the clock. :P

Anonymous said...

I think we're all made up of a million little pieces. I write supernatural mystery. If you look at my blog, though, you see me talking about home remedies, music, movies, and, well, the spooky. I do this because I am not any one thing.

It would surprise me if you were any different. I look forward to all you have to say.

Lyn Midnight said...

I agree. Well, I just felt compelled really, to tell people what they can expect from me, because sometimes I don't even know what to expect, lol. And I will definitely check out the spooky posts you mention. I love spookiness! And thank you so much for taking the time to comment! <3