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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Henry in the Morning

It was hard to determine
where I ended and he began.
There was a glint about the way
he held me – like a broken child;
tight embrace, glib insanity.

I tried to break free from his
confining frame, strong shoulders,
wrapped around my lower back.
Strange angle to wake up to,
all shriveled up inside.

I regretted the way I surrendered;
no fight, no thought, no shout.
But the way he thought he handled
me, himself, and us in the morning
told me he knew nothing of love.


Anonymous said...

Lyn, Posted the link to this on twitter but I wanted to comment as well. I think you nailed it!

Lyn Midnight said...

Thank you so much, Melinda! I know, I was actually worried because people weren't commenting at all before, and that's probably because I hadn't authorized anonymous comments, duh! Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time! <3