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Monday, 12 March 2012

Writers Worth: Big Anthology Brainstorm of 2012!

A couple of things lead to this project as it were...

First of all, I've been hanging out at, where artists of all kinds collaborate to make original art! I'm talking writers, film-makers, illustrators, musicians, etc. The awesome Jason Gordon-Levitt (the guy from 10 Things I Hate about You) started the whole thing two years ago. It's simply GENIUS and there are tons of amazing collaborations going on. My favorite ones are: 'tiny stories' and 'Shadow Caste'. 

The main idea is that the site is like a studio where everybody contributes and does 'remixes' of the contributions to make a final mixed-media product, which gets to be published. There are some amazing stuff in the store, like the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.

Anyone can contribute and at the end you get a cheque to show for it!

Secondly, right after I launched the Writers Worth site, I created a Goodreads group as well. I never did anything on Goodreads before, but now I am LOVING it. (Never underestimate the benefits of a community!) The WW group currently has 456 members and I foresee a lot more joining us in the near future! Basically, I've been inviting people like mad. And hey, it works! *grin*

Now, you might wonder how I do all of this AND work AND do internships. Umm, I don't really know... but when inspiration calls, how can you not pick up the phone?! 

So the WW group on Goodreads made me think that I can contact way more writers than I previously thought, and that was my window of opportunity. To be honest with you, I've had the idea of doing an ANTHOLOGY for a while now, too long actually. But I always knew it wouldn't just have words in it, but images as well. See, I'm a big fan of the mixed-media scene! The biggest.

And so the idea of the Anthology Project was solidified. It's untitled for now, mainly because I am still brainstorming about the topics that it should contain. But you know what, this is OUR anthology -- should you choose to accept my challenge -- so I'm asking YOU to brainstorm with me.

The thing about brainstorming is that someone has an idea, another person adds to that idea or offers a new one, and one of those sparks an idea in a third person, and before you know it, the idea grows and evolves in lightning speed. If you ask me, ideas are ALWAYS BETTER where more people are involved. 


So I've posted the first installment of the Big Anthology Brainstorm of 2012. Don't worry, that's not the official name, lol. In fact, go over there and see what we have so far. At this stage, all feedback is appreciated! 

And one more thing: imagine I'm Morpheus holding the red pill and the blue pill. Which pill is it? "If you take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." How's that for dramatic? Ha. 

If enough people choose the red pill, I will make this project happen. I will contact writers, collect their contributions, find artists to do illustrations, find out about self-publishing, crowdfund the project if I have to, etc. I know I can do this, so all I need from you is to join me on this exciting journey. It's a big commitment, but I've been tossing and turning in my sleep the past few nights, the idea not leaving me alone.

I can't escape it, so I'll realize it. Or at least try to. The rest... is in your hands. ;)

P. S. I feel like I've opened a giant can of worms. *shudders* Love it!