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Saturday, 3 March 2012

UK Writers/Editors Wanted to Help a New Site!

So I’m driving myself crazy again…

Decided to create a new site for the Author Intros. (Keep them coming!) Working on two very time-consuming internships in London. Currently having two books on my to-be-reviewed list (one of which called Finding Square Holes by Anita Houghton). And then there’s everything else I do with my time...

Anyway, the point of this post is not to complain (I WILL SURVIVE), but to tell you guys I need help. No, not with the Author Intros, I’ll manage that for now. The help I need is actually for one of the internships.

See, there’s a very energetic and wonderful woman called Anna Jordan, who’s starting a brand new MEGA-careers-site. She’s doing all the work: doing industry research, contacting people, interviewing top people in various companies, organizing the site, social media, book club, and on and on…

I’m surprised she hasn’t gone crazy yet! Here’s where I come. I saw her ad on Gumtree and immediately recognized the MAJOR POTENTIAL of the site. Trust me, I know viral when I see it. It's basically a place where people give careers advice and give insights about a particular job, and we're talking all kinds of jobs - from crazy to mundane. 

The site is launching in March and Anna’s already interviewed more than 50 amazing people! All she needs are a few volunteers who will help edit the interviews and make them into engaging articles. Simple, no? This is my job (among others), but I’m having trouble keeping up as well. And she has some additional help, but we are still running low on time. So we need help!!!

If you are a decent writer and you can proofread articles, we need you! If you know how to make something worthy of a retweet, we need you! If you like to read about exciting people making their own luck and working hard to get to the top, we need you!

The interviews are no boring reads either. There was this one about a guy who made new gum. I mean, who does that?! But here’s the catch: we only need writers based in the UK. My colleague and founder of the concept feels very strongly about keeping things local, so who am I to argue?

Unfortunately, as we are starting out, we don’t pay any money, but you get to edit as many or as little articles as you want, and you’ll be credited on the site. It’s a good opportunity to get some practice and read about fascinating people who have done fascinating things in their careers.

Who knows, maybe one of them will get you seriously inspired. It happened to me!

If you want to help out, please write me at violeta [at] whatpeopledo [dot] co [dot] uk. Thanks in advance to everyone who responds! And don’t forget to include your CV and a writing sample.

Finally, as a side-note, we’ll need GUEST-BLOGS as well. They can cover anything work-related, so if you think you have something good to blog about, let me know. I’ll remind you again when the site is up!

Happy writing!