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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Adding a Little Color to My Life

I have been faced with a dilemma.

Actually, I’ve been faced with it for most of my life, and it’s time to resolve it. But brace yourselves, it’s something so huge and important, it will knock your hats off. Provided you wore a hat when you checked my blog… in which case, I’d have to know why!

Anyway, are you ready for my big dilemma? Here goes.

I don’t have a favorite color. There, I said it. I have officially completed the first step, which is admitting I have a problem. What was the next again? Oh yeah, I have to fix it.

I’m not stupid; I know it’s something very basic in everybody’s life, and usually you just know right away: hey, that’s my color! But to me, it’s always been like a kind of a need to have one. Like it was forced on me or something. After all, one of the first things someone wants to know about you is your favorite color. That is, after they know what sign you are.

I’ve always admired colors. After all, the world would be unbearably dull without them. When I was little, I liked white because it was so innocent. My best friend was into green for most of her childhood, and maybe she still has a weakness for it. It was never like that with the white.

And seeing as my name is Violeta: named after the shy, purple flower that pops out in the spring, it’s always made sense to like purple. But not just any purple: preferably, it would be the light purple kind, which looks good in combination with white. Like snow on violets. Like my lovely prom dress.

But when I think about the color purple… I don’t feel it. Sure, it’s pretty and soft. It’s popular now and it looks well on my skin. Other than that, I’m not feeling the connection. So today, I’m going to put effort behind my conundrum and see if there’s a color that has the potential to move on top of my list.


Red: It does look marvelous on me. But it’s too aggressive. I associate it with scarlet lipstick and whorehouses. Strip clubs. Stop signs. Ambulances, sirens, and the Canadian flag. What this color tells me (more like screams) is: You don’t wanna go there. So I won’t.

Blue: Now that’s a better color. It’s like the sky… or better yet, like the sea. Vast space with a lot of freedom. The perfect metaphor for life and the unknown. Oops. No, that’s no good. First of all, it sounds like a cliché. Second, it’s too open. Too wide to carry a specific message. I believe in things being meaningful, and so the message has to be right. Yes, I am a freak.

Green: What I’ve never told my best friend is that I don’t see what the big deal is. What’s so pretty about green? The light version seems like dirty pee and the dark one reminds me of mud. Not freshly-mown grass or summer leaves, no. Mud. Dirty, smelly, sticky mud. Green is out.

Yellow: Well, it is soothing. It usually reminds people of the sun. I love the sun. I won’t go back to the subject of pee again, but I have to mention the traffic light thing. Yellow is the sign for wait, right? Right. I hate waiting! I have spent a large proportion of my life in waiting… like the people in Dr. Seuss’s waiting room where they have waited their whole lives for things they may not need or want. Waiting is a poor substitute for living; a compulsion. So yellow is at the bottom of my list.

Brown: No no. It’s giving me high school flashbacks because all of my clothes used to be in dull colors, mainly brown. It’s quite a depressing color. I picture it as a middle-aged man who gave up his dream of wrestling for his teacher job at the local high school. He ain’t got no girlfriend either.

Black: I’ve never had the desire to go emo. The color’s dark, depressing, and possibly morbid. It makes me think of a dark shadow collecting people’s souls at night. I’m clutching to mine right now.

Grey: Maybe that’s the only color I dislike more than black. Grey’s too loaded to become a favorite anything. There are moral considerations to address here. There are white lies and black humor, but there are also shades of grey, which only bring distress to those who seek them. No thanks.

Orange: The only orange I know is the bright type that makes people go:
Are you blind? It’s yellow!
No, it’s red!
Of all stupid arguments in the world, this will probably win the title. And what’s the point of orange anyway? To make something unique? To blind someone? I’d apply the maxim ‘out of sight, out of mind’ here. If it spawns too much trouble to be used as wallpaper, it’s no good for the crown.

Pink: Too much baggage! I like my colors free and light, thank you very much. I know Elle Woods was rather fond of it in the first movie, but then even she got tired of it and switched to red and white, which I assume is the grown-up version of pink.

Magenta: Well, that’s better! It’s more… substantial and rich. A bit too rich maybe. It actually reminds me of candy, cupcakes, and frosting. And I’m more of a salt girl, really.

Olive: I like olives. I have quite a few ‘olive outfits’. But… I feel like there’s a lot of sadness and disappointment in Olive’s life. It’s like she got left at the altar and now her ex-fiance is living large with her brother in Sidney. So Olive’s too melancholic for me. I’d rather laugh it off with Yellow or mock it up with Grey.

Teal: Hmm. What would teal say about me? I couldn’t decide between green and blue, so I chose a half-breed. A mutt. Like picking up a stray color from the streets. Hmm.

I’ll take it! (To go please.)

Now tell me... What is YOUR favorite color and WHY?


Awesome Movie of the Day:
Flipped (2010)
Reason: Most adorable love story EVER.